Mathematical Connections: A Bridge to Algebra and Geometry

Mathematical Connections: A Bridge to Algebra and Geometry textbook answersISBN: 9780618073856
Author: Holt McDougal
Published: 2001

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Chapter 1

Connecting Arithmetic And Algebra

1-1 Variables and Variable Equations Guided Practice p.5
Exercises p.5
1-2 Addition and Subtraction Expressions Guided Practice p.8
Exercises p.9
1-3 Multiplication and Division Expressions Guided Practice p.12
Exercises p.13
1-4 Problem Solving: Reading for Understanding Guided Practice p.15
Problem Solving Situations p.16
Self-Test 1 p.17
1-5 The Comparison Property Guided Practice p.19
Exercises p.20
1-6 Properties of Addition Guided Practice p.23
Exercises p.24
1-7 Properties of Multiplication Guided Practice p.26
Exercises p.27
1-8 Decision Making: Choosing the Most Efficient Method of Computation Guided Practice p.28
Exercises p.29
1-9 Exponents Guided Practice p.31
Exercises p.32
1-10 Order of Operations Exercises p.38
Guided Practice p.38
Self-Test 2 p.39
Chapter 1 Review p.40
Chapter Test p.42
Cumulative Review p.44

Chapter 2

Introduction To Algebra

2-1 Simplifying Multiplication Expressions Guided Practice p.49
Exercises p.50
2-2 The Distributive Property Guided Practice p.53
Exercises p.54
2-3 Combining Like Terms Guided Practice p.57
Exercises p.57
Self Test 1 p.58
2-4 Problem Solving: Using a Four-Step Plan Guided Practice p.60
Problem Solving Situations p.60
2-5 Patterns Guided Practice p.63
Exercises p.64
2-6 Functions Guided Practice p.67
Exercises p.68
2-7 Problem Solving: Checking the Answer Guided Practice p.71
Problem Solving Situations p.72
Self Test 2 p.73
2-8 Decision Making: Finding an Estimate or an Exact Answer Guided Practice p.74
Exercises p.75
2-9 The Metric System of Measurement Guided Practice p.77
Exercises p.77
2-10 Scientific Notation Guided Practice p.81
Exercises p.82
Self Test 3 p.83
Chapter Review p.86
Chapter Test p.88
Cumulative Review p.90

Chapter 3


3-1 Integers on a Number Line Guided Practice p.95
Exercises p.96
3-2 Adding Integers with the Same Sign Guided Practice p.99
Exercises p.100
3-3 Adding Integers with Different Signs Guided Practice p.102
Exercises p.103
3-4 Subtracting Integers Guided Practice p.108
Exercises p.109
3-5 Multiplying and Dividing Integers Guided Practice p.112
Exercises p.113
Self Test 1 p.114
3-6 Evaluating Expressions Involving Integers Guided Practice p.116
Exercises p.116
3-7 Problem Solving: Making a Table Problem Solving Situations p.120
Guided Practice p.120
3-8 The Coordinate Plane Guided Practice p.125
Exercises p.126
3-9 Graphing Functions Guided Practice p.129
Exercises p.130
Self Test 2 p.131
Chapter Review p.134
Chapter Review p.135
Chapter Test p.136
Cumulative Review p.138
Chapter Review p.180

Chapter 4


4-1 Equations Guided Practice p.143
Exercises p.144
4-2 Problem Solving: Guess and Check Problem Solving Situations p.146
Guided Practice p.146
4-3 Using Addition or Subtraction Guided Practice p.149
Exercises p.150
4-4 Using Multiplication or Division Guided Practice p.152
Exercises p.153
Self Test 1 p.154
4-5 Two-Step Equations Guided Practice p.157
Exercises p.158
4-6 Writing Variable Expressions Exercises p.163
Guided Practice p.163
4-7 Writing Equations Exercises p.166
Guided Practice p.166
4-8 Problem Solving: Using Equations Problem Solving Situations p.169
Guided Practice p.169
Self Test 2 p.171
4-9 More Equations Exercises p.173
Guided Practice p.173
4-10 Formulas Guided Practice p.176
Exercises p.177
Self Test 3 p.179
Chapter Test p.182
Exercises p.183
Cumulative Review p.184

Chapter 5

Graphs And Data Analysis

5-1 Pictographs Guided Practice p.189
5-2 Interpreting Bar Graphs Exercises p.190
Guided Practice p.193
Exercises p.194
5-3 Interpreting Line Graphs Guided Practice p.197
Exercises p.198
5-4 Drawing Bar and Line Graphs Guided Practice p.201
Exercises p.202
Self Test 1 p.203
5-6 Problem Solving: Too Much or Not Enough Information Guided Practice p.204
5-5 Decision Making: Choosing the Appropriate Type of Graph Exercises p.205
5-6 Problem Solving: Too Much or Not Enough Information Guided Practice p.207
Problem Solving Situations p.207
5-7 Misleading Graphs Guided Practice p.210
Exercises p.211
Self Test 2 p.212
5-8 Mean, Median, Mode, and Range Guided Practice p.214
Exercises p.214
5-9 Decisioin Making: Choosing the Appropriate Statistic Guided Practice p.218
Exercises p.219
5-10 Data Collection and Frequency Tables Guided Practice p.222
Exercises p.222
Self Test 3 p.223
Exercises p.225
Chapter Review p.226
Chapter Test p.229
Exercises p.231
Cumulative Review p.232

Chapter 6

Introduction To Geometry

6-1 Points, Lines, and Planes Guided Practice p.237
Exercises p.238
6-2 Measuring and Drawing Angles Guided Practice p.241
Exercises p.242
6-3 Types of Angles Exercises p.247
Guided Practice p.247
6-4 Perpendicular and Parallel Lines Exercises p.251
Guided Practice p.251
Self Test 1 p.253
6-5 Polygons Exercises p.259
Guided Practice p.259
6-6 Triangles Guided Practice p.263
Exercises p.263
6-7 Quadrilaterals Guided Practice p.267
Exercises p.268
6-8 Problem Solving: Identifying a Pattern Guided Practice p.272
Problem Solving Situations p.273
6-9 Symmetry Guided Practice p.276
Exercises p.277
Self Test 2 p.279
Chapter Review p.280
Chapter Test p.283
Cumulative Review p.286

Chapter 7

Number Theory And Fraction Concepts

7-1 Factors and Prime Numbers Exercises p.291
Guided Practice p.291
7-2 Greatest Common Factor Exercises p.294
Guided Practice p.294
7-3 Least Common Multiple Guided Practice p.297
Exercises p.298
Self Test 1 p.299
7-4 Equivalent Fractions Guided Practice p.303
Exercises p.304
7-5 Simplifying Algebraic Fractions Exercises p.307
Guided Practice p.307
7-6 Comparing Fractions Guided Practice p.310
Exercises p.311
7-7 Fractions and Decimals Guided Practice p.314
Exercises p.315
7-8 Problem Solving: Drawing a Diagram Problem Solving Situations p.318
Guided Practice p.318
Self Test 2 p.320
7-9 Rational Numbers Exercises p.322
Guided Practice p.322
7-10 Graphing Open Sentences Guided Practice p.326
Exercises p.326
7-11 Negative and Zero Exponents Guided Practice p.329
Exercises p.330
Self Test 3 p.331
Chapter Review p.332
Chapter Test p.334
Exercises p.335
Cumulative Review p.336

Chapter 8

Rational Numbers

8-1 Multiplying Rational Numbers Guided Practice p.342
Exercises p.342
8-2 Dividing Rational Numbers Guided Practice p.345
Exercises p.346
Self Test 1 p.347
8-3 Decision Making: Determining the Correct Form of an Answer Guided Practice p.348
Exercises p.349
8-4 Adding and Subtracting Rational Numbers Guided Practice p.354
Exercises p.354
8-5 Adding and Subtracting Rational Numbers Guided Practice p.357
Exercises p.358
8-6 Estimating with Rational Numers Guided Practice p.363
Exercises p.363
Self Test 2 p.364
8-7 Problem Solving: Supplying Missing Facts Problem Solving Situations p.366
Guided Practice p.366
8-8 Equations Involving Rational Numbers Exercises p.369
Guided Practice p.369
8-9 Using Reciprocals to Solve Equations Guided Practice p.372
Exercises p.372
8-10 Transforming Formulas Guided Practice p.376
Exercises p.376
Self Test 3 p.377
Chapter Review p.380
Chapter Test p.382
Exercises p.383
Cumulative Review p.384

Chapter 9

Ratio, Proportion, And Percent

9-1 Ratio and Rate Exercises p.389
Guided Practice p.389
9-2 Proportions Guided Practice p.392
Exercises p.393
9-3 Scale Drawings Guided Practice p.396
Exercises p.397
9-4 Problem Solving: Using Proportions Guided Practice p.399
Problem Solving Situations p.400
Self Test 1 p.401
9-5 Percent Guided Practice p.405
Exercises p.406
9-6 Finding a Percent of a Number Guided Practice p.410
Exercises p.410
9-7 Finding the Percent One Numbers Is of Another Guided Practice p.413
Exercises p.413
9-8 Finding a Number When a Percent of It Is Known Guided Practice p.416
Exercises p.416
Self Test 2 p.418
9-9 Percent of Increase or Decrease Guided Practice p.420
Exercises p.420
9-10 Percents and Proportions Guided Practice p.425
Exercises p.426
Self Test 3 p.427
Chapter Review p.428
Chapter Test p.430
Exercises p.431
Cumulative Review p.432

Chapter 10

Circles And Polygons

10-1 Perimeter Guided Practice p.437
Exercises p.438
10-2 Circles and Circumference Guided Practice p.442
Exercises p.443
10-3 Area of Polygons Guided Practice p.447
Exercises p.448
10-4 Area of Circles Guided Practice p.454
Exercises p.454
10-5 Decision Making: Choosing Perimeter, Circumference, or Area Guided Practice p.457
Exercises p.458
10-6 Problem Solving: Problems with No Solution Guided Practice p.459
Problem Solving Situations p.460
Self Test 1 p.461
10-7 Congruent Polygons Exercises p.464
Guided Practice p.464
10-8 Similar Polygons Guided Practice p.467
Exercises p.468
10-9 Indirect Measurement Guided Practice p.472
Exercises p.473
10-10 Square Roots Guided Practice p.476
Exercises p.477
10-11 Pythagorean Theorem Exercises p.483
Guided Practice p.483
Self Test 2 p.485
Chapter Review p.486
Chapter Test p.488
Exercises p.489
Cumulative Review p.490

Chapter 11

Statistics And Circle Graphs

11-1 Frequency Tables with Intervals Guided Practice p.494
Exercises p.495
11-2 Stem-and-Leaf Plots Guided Practice p.498
Exercises p.499
11-3 Histograms and Frequency Polygons Guided Practice p.502
Exercises p.503
11-4 Box-and-Whisker Plots Guided Practice p.506
Exercises p.507
Self Test 1 p.508
11-5 Scattergrams Guided Practice p.510
Exercises p.511
11-6 Interpreting Circle Graphs Guided Practice p.514
Exercises p.515
11-7 Constructing Circle Graphs Guided Practice p.518
Exercises p.519
Focus on Computers p.521
11-8 Decision Making: Choosing an Appropriate Data Display Exercises p.523
Guided Practice p.523
11-9 Problem Solving: Using Logical Reasoning Guided Practice p.525
Problem Solving Situations p.525
Self Test 2 p.527
Chapter Review p.530
Chapter Test p.533
Cumulative Review p.536

Chapter 12


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12-7 Experimental Probability Guided Practice p.534
12-1 Probability and Odds Guided Practice p.542
Exercises p.543
12-2 Sample Spaces and Tree Diagrams Guided Practice p.546
Exercises p.546
12-3 The Counting Principle Guided Practice p.549
Exercises p.550
Self Test 1 p.551
12-4 Independent and Dependent Events Guided Practice p.553
Exercises p.554
12-5 Problem Solving: Using a Venn Diagram Guided Practice p.557
Problem Solving Situations p.557
12-6 Permutations and Combinations Exercises p.561
Guided Practice p.561
Self Test 2 p.562
12-7 Experimental Probability Exercises p.565
12-8 Using Samples to Make Predictions Guided Practice p.568
Exercises p.569
Self Test 3 p.571