MathMatters 2, 2nd Edition

MathMatters 2, 2nd Edition textbook answersISBN: 9780078681769
Author: Glencoe McGraw-Hill
Published: 2006

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Chapter 1

Sample And Display Data

1-1 Surveys and Sampling Methods Try These Exercises p.8
Practice Exercises p.8
Extended Practice Exercises p.9
Mixed Review Excercises p.9
1-2 Measures of Central Tendency and Range Try These Exercises p.12
Practice Exercises p.12
Mixed Review Exercises p.13
Extended Practice Exercises p.13
Review and Practice Your Skills p.14
1-3 Histograms and Stem-and-Leaf Plots Try These Exercises p.18
Practice Exercises p.18
Extended Practice Exercises p.19
1-4 Scatter Plots and Lines of Best Fit Try These Exercises p.22
Mixed Review Exercises p.23
Practice Exercises p.23
Extended Practice Exercises p.23
Review and Practice Your Skills p.24
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.25
1-5 Problem Solving Sills: Coefficient of Correlation Practice Exercises p.27
Try These Exercises p.27
Mixed Review Exercises p.27
1-6 Quartiles and Percentiles Practice Exercises p.30
Try These Exercises p.30
Mixed Review Exercises p.31
Extended Practice Exercises p.31
Review and Practice Your Skills p.32
1-7 Misleading Graphs and Statistics Try These Exercises p.36
Practice Excercises p.36
Extended Practice Excercises p.37
Mixed Review Excercises p.37
1-8 Use Matrices to Organize Data Practice Excercises p.40
Try These Excecises p.40
Mixed Review Excercises p.41
Extended Practice Exercises p.41
Chapter 1 Review p.42
Chapter 1 Assessment p.45
Standardized Test Practice p.46

Chapter 2

Foundations Of Algebra

2-1 Real Numbers Practice Excercises p.54
Try These Excercises p.54
Extended Practice Exercises p.55
Mixed Review Excercises p.55
2-2 Order Of Operations Try These Excercises p.58
Practice Excercises p.58
Mixed Review Exercises p.59
Extended Practice Exercises p.59
Review and Practice Your Skills p.60
2-3 Write Variable Expressions Try These Exercises p.64
Practice Exercises p.64
Mixed Review Exercises p.65
Extended Practice Excercises p.65
2-4 Add and Subtract Variable Expressions Try These Exercises p.68
Practice Exercises p.68
Extended Practice Exercises p.69
Mixed Review Exercises p.69
Review and Practice Your Skills p.70
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.71
2-5 Multiply and Divide Variable Expressions Try These Exercises p.74
Practice Exercises p.74
Mixed Review Exercises p.75
Extended Practice Exercises p.75
2-6 Simplify Variable Expressions Practice Exercises p.78
Try These Exercises p.78
Extended Practice Exercises p.79
Mixed Review Exercises p.79
Review and Practice Your Skills p.80
2-7 Properties of Exponents Try These Exercises p.84
Practice Exercises p.84
Mixed Review Exercises p.85
Extended Practice Exercises p.85
2-8 Zero and Negative Exponents Practice Exercises p.88
Try These Exercises p.88
Mixed Review Exercises p.89
Extended Practice Exercises p.89
Review and Practice Your Skills p.90
2-9 Problem Solving Skills: Find a Pattern Try These Exercises p.92
Mixed Review Exercises p.93
Practice Exercises p.93
Chapter 2 Review p.94
Standardized Test Practice p.98
2-2 Order Of Operations Extra Practice p.589
2-8 Zero and Negative Exponents Extra Practice p.592

Chapter 3

Equations And Inequalities

3-1 Equations and Formulas Try These Exercises p.106
Practice Exercises p.106
Extended Practice Exercises p.107
Mixed Review Exercises p.107
3-2 One-Step Equations Try These Exercises p.110
Practice Exercises p.110
Extended Practice Exercises p.111
Mixed Review Exercises p.111
Review and Practice Your Skills p.112
3-3 Problem Solving Skills: Model Algebra Try These Exercises p.114
Mixed Review Exercises p.115
Practice Exercises p.115
3-4 Equations with Two or More Operations Practice Exercises p.118
Try These Exercises p.118
Mixed Review Exercises p.119
Extended Practice Exercises p.119
Review and Practice Your Skills p.120
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.121
3-5 Proportions Try These Exercises p.124
Practice Exercises p.124
Extended Practice Exercises p.125
Mixed Review Exercises p.125
3-6 Graph Inequalities on a Number Line Try These Exercises p.128
Practice Exercises p.128
Mixed Review Exercises p.129
Extended Practice Exercises p.129
Review and Practice Your Skills p.130
3-7 Solve Inequalities Try These Exercises p.134
Practice Exercises p.134
Extended Practice Exercises p.135
Mixed Review Exercises p.135
3-8 Equations with Squares and Square Roots Try These Exercises p.138
Practice Exercises p.138
Extended Practice Exercises p.139
Mixed Review Exercises p.139
Chapter 3 Review p.140
Chapter 3 Assessment p.143
Standardized Test Practice p.144

Chapter 4


4-1 Experiments and Probabilities Try These Exercises p.152
Practice Exercises p.152
Extended Practice Exercises p.153
Mixed Review Exercises p.153
4-2 Problem Solving Skills: Simulations Try These Exercises p.155
Practice Exercises p.155
Mixed Review Exercises p.155
Review and Practice Your Skills p.156
4-3 Sample Spaces and Theoretical Probability Try These Exercises p.160
Practice Exercises p.160
Extended Practice Exercises p.161
Mixed Review Exercises p.161
4-4 Probability of Compound Events Try These Exercises p.164
Practice Exercises p.164
Mixed Review Exercises p.165
Extended Practice Exercises p.165
Review and Practice Your Skills p.166
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.167
4-5 Independent and Dependent Events Practice Exercises p.170
Try These Exercises p.170
Mixed Review Exercises p.171
Extended Practice Exercises p.171
4-6 Permutations of a Set Practice Exercises p.174
Try These Exercises p.174
Extended Practice Exercises p.175
Mixed Review Exercises p.175
Review and Practice Your Skills p.176
4-7 Combinations of a Set Practice Exercises p.180
Try These Exercises p.180
Extended Practice Exercises p.181
Mixed Review Exercises p.181
Chapter 4 Review p.182
Chapter 4 Assessment p.185
Standardized Test Practice p.186
4-3 Sample Spaces and Theoretical Probability Extra Practice p.596

Chapter 5

Logic And Geometry

5-1 Elements of Geometry Practice Exercises p.194
Try These Exercises p.194
Mixed Review Exercises p.195
Extended Practice Exercises p.195
5-2 Angles and Perpendicular Lines Try These Exercises p.198
Practice Exercises p.198
Extended Practice Exercises p.199
Mixed Review Exercises p.199
Review and Practice Your Skills p.200
5-3 Parallel Lines and Transversals Try These Exercises p.204
Practice Exercises p.204
Mixed Review Exercises p.205
Extended Practice Exercises p.205
5-4 Properties of Triangles Practice Exercises p.208
Try These Exercises p.208
Extended Practice Exercises p.209
Mixed Review Exercises p.209
Review and Practice Your Skills p.210
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.211
5-5 Congruent Triangles Try These Exercises p.214
Practice Exercises p.214
Mixed Review Exercises p.215
Extended Practice Exercises p.215
5-6 Quadrilaterals and Parallelograms Try These Exercises p.218
Practice Exercises p.218
Extended Practice Exercises p.219
Mixed Review Exercises p.219
Review and Practice Your Skills p.220
5-7 Diagonals and Angles of Polygons Practice Exercises p.224
Try These Exercises p.224
Extended Practice Exercises p.225
Mixed Review Exercises p.225
5-8 Properties of Circles Practice Exercises p.228
Try These Exercises p.228
Extended Practice Excercises p.229
Mixed Review Excercises p.229
Review and Practice Your Skills p.230
5-9 Problem Solving Skills: Circle Graphs Practice Exercises p.233
Mixed Review Excercises p.233
Try These Exercises p.233
Chapter 5 Review p.234
Chapter 5 Assessment p.237
Standardized Test Practice p.238
5-2 Angles and Perpendicular Lines Extra Practice p.599

Chapter 6

Graphing Functions

6-1 Distance in the Coordinate Plane Try These Exercises p.246
Practice Exercises p.246
Mixed Review Excercises p.247
Extended Practice Excercises p.247
6-2 Slope of a Line Try These Exercises p.250
Practice Exercises p.250
Extended Practice Excercises p.251
Mixed Review Excercises p.251
Review and Practice Your Skills p.252
6-3 Write and Graph Linear Equations Try These Exercises p.256
Practice Exercises p.256
Extended Practice Excercises p.257
Mixed Review Excercises p.257
6-4 Write and Graph Linear Inequalities Try These Exercises p.260
Practice Exercises p.260
Mixed Review Excercises p.261
Extended Practice Excercises p.261
Review and Practice Your Skills p.262
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.263
6-5 Linear and Nonlinear Functions Try These Exercises p.266
Mixed Review Excercises p.267
Practice Exercises p.267
Extended Practice Excercises p.267
6-6 Graph Quadratic Functions Try These Exercises p.269
Practice Exercises p.270
Extended Practice Excercises p.271
Mixed Review Excercises p.271
Review and Practice Your Skills p.272
6-7 Problem Solving Skills: Pattern and Functions Practice Exercises p.275
Mixed Review Exercises p.275
6-8 Direct Variation Practice Exercises p.278
Try These Exercises p.278
Extended Practice Exercises p.279
Mixed Review Exercises p.279
Review and Practice Your Skills p.280
6-9 Inverse Variation Try These Exercises p.284
Practice Exercises p.284
Extended Practice Exercises p.285
Mixed Review Exercises p.285
Chapter 6 Review p.286
Chapter 6 Assessment p.289
Standardized Test Practice p.290

Chapter 7

Coordinate Graphing And Transformations

6-7 Problem Solving Skills: Pattern and Functions Try These Exercises p.274
7-1 Translations in the Coordinate Plane Try These Exercises p.298
Practice Exercises p.298
Mixed Review Exercises p.299
Extended Practice Exercises p.299
7-2 Reflections in the Coordinate Plane Practice Exercises p.302
Try These Exercises p.302
Mixed Review Exercises p.303
Extended Practice Exercises p.303
Review and Practice Your Skills p.304
7-3 Rotations in the Coordinate Plane Practice Exercises p.308
Try These Exercises p.308
Extended Practice Exercises p.309
Mixed Review Exercises p.309
7-4 Line Symmetry and Rotational Symmetry Practice Exercises p.312
Try These Exercises p.312
Extended Practice Exercises p.313
Mixed Review Exercises p.313
Review and Practice Skills p.314
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.315
7-5 Dilations in the Coordinate Plane Try These Exercises p.317
Practice Exercises p.318
Mixed Review Exercises p.319
Extended Practice Exercises p.319
7-6 Problem Solving Skills: Tessellations Try These Exercises p.320
Mixed Review Exercises p.321
Practice Exercises p.321
Review and Practice Your Skills p.322
Chapter 7 Review p.324
Chapter 7 Assessment p.327
Standardized Test Practice p.328

Chapter 8

Systems Of Equations And Inequalities

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8-1 Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Practice Exercises p.336
Try These Exercises p.336
Mixed Review Exercises p.337
Extended Practice Exercises p.337
8-2 Solve System of Equations Graphically Practice Exercises p.340
Try These Exercises p.340
Extended Practice Exercises p.341
Mixed Review Exercises p.341
Review and Practice Your Skills p.342
8-3 Solve Systems by Substitution Practice Exercises p.346
Try These Exercises p.346
Extended Practice Exercises p.347
Mixed Review Exercises p.347
8-4 Solve Systems by Adding, Subtracting, and Multiplying Try These Exercises p.350
Practice Exercises p.350
Extended Practice Exercises p.351
Mixed Review Exercises p.351
Review and Practice Your Skills p.352
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.353
8-5 Matrices and Determinants Practice Exercises p.356
Try These Exercises p.356
Mixed Review Exercises p.357
Extended Practice Exercises p.357
8-6 Problem Solving Skills: Directed Graphs Practice Exercises p.359
Try These Exercises p.359
Mixed Review Exercises p.359
Review and Practice Your Skills p.360
8-7 Systems of Inequalities Try These Exercises p.364
Practice Exercises p.364
Mixed Review Excercises p.365
Extended Practice Exercises p.365
Chapter 8 Review p.366
Chapter 8 Assessment p.369