Core Connections Algebra

Core Connections Algebra textbook answersISBN: 9781603281010
Author: CPM
Published: 2013

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Chapter 1


1-1-1 Solving Puzzles in Teams Exercises p.3
1-1-2 Investigating the Growth of Patterns Exercises p.7
1-1-3 Investigating the Graphs of Quadratic Functions Exercises p.14
1-2-1 Describing a Graph Exercises p.18
1-2-2 Cube Root and Absolute Value Functions Exercises p.22
1-2-3 Function Machines Exercises p.25
1-2-4 Functions Exercises p.28
1-2-5 Domain and Range Exercises p.32

Chapter 2

Linear Relationships

2-1-1 Seeing Growth in Linear Relationships Exercises p.45
2-1-2 Slope Exercises p.49
2-1-3 Comparing / y and /x Exercises p.54
2-1-4 y = mx +b and More on Slope Exercises p.58
2-2-1 Slope as Motion Exercises p.63
2-2-2 Rate of Change Exercises p.66
2-2-3 Equations of Lines in Situations Exercises p.72
2-3-1 Finding an equation Given a Slope and a Point Exercises p.76
2-3-2 Finding the Equation of a Line Through Two Points Exercises p.81

Chapter 3

Simplifying And Solving

3-1-1 Simplifying Exponential Expressions Exercises p.95
3-1-2 Zero and Negative Exponents Exercises p.98
3-2-1 Equations<–>Algebra Tiles Exercises p.102
3-2-2 Exploring an Area Model Exercises p.109
3-2-3 Multiplying Binomials and the Distributive Property Exercises p.112
3-2-4 Using Generic Rectangles to Multiply Exercises p.115
3-3-1 Solving Equations With Multiplication and Absolute Value Exercises p.119
3-3-2 Working With Multi-Variable Equations Exercises p.122
3-3-3 Summary of Solving Equations Exercises p.128

Chapter 4

Systems Of Equations

4-1-1 Solving Word Problems by Writing Equations Exercises p.143
4-1-2 One Equation or Two? Exercises p.149
4-2-1 Solving Systems of Equations Using Substitution Exercises p.153
4-2-2 Making Connections: Systems, Solutions, and Graphs Exercises p.158
4-2-3 Solving Systems Using Elimination Exercises p.164
4-2-4 More Elimination Exercises p.170
4-2-5 Choosing a Strategy for Solving Systems Exercises p.174
4-3-1 Pulling it All Together Exercises p.178

Chapter 5


5-1-1 Representing Exponential Growth Exercises p.195
5-1-2 Rebound Ratios Exercises p.202
5-1-3 The Bouncing Ball and Exponential Decay Exercises p.206
5-2-1 Generating and Investigating Sequences Exercises p.210
5-2-2 Genralizing Arithmetic Sequences Exercises p.216
5-2-3 Recursive Sequences Exercises p.220
5-3-1 Patterns of Growth in Tables and Graphs Exercises p.223
5-3-2 Using Multipliers to Solve Problems Exercises p.226
5-3-3 Is it a Function? Exercises p.235

Chapter 6

Modeling Two-Variable Data

6-1-1 Line of Best Fit Exercises p.247
6-1-2 Residuals Exercises p.251
6-1-3 Upper and Lower Bounds Exercises p.255
6-1-4 Least Squares Regression Line Exercises p.259
6-2-1 Residual Plots Exercises p.266
6-2-2 Correlation Exercises p.274
6-2-3 Association in Not Causation Exercises p.280
6-2-4 Interpreting Correlation in Context Exercises p.286
6-2-5 Curved Best-Fit Models Exercises p.292

Chapter 7

Exponential Functions

7-1-1 Investigating y = bX Exercises p.309
7-1-2 Multiple Representations of Exponential Functions Exercises p.317
7-1-3 More Apllications of Exponential Growth Exercises p.320
7-1-4 Exponential Decay Exercises p.326
7-1-5 Graph -> Equation Exercises p.333
7-1-6 Completing the Multiple Representations Web Exercises p.336
7-2-1 Curve Fitting and Fractional Exponents Exercises p.341
7-2-2 More Curve Fitting Exercises p.345
7-2-3 Solving a Systen of Exponential Functions Graphically Exercises p.348

Chapter 8

Quadratic Functions

8-1-1 Introduction to Factoring Quadratic Expressions Exercises p.367
8-1-2 Factoring with Generic Rectangles Exercises p.372
8-1-3 Factoring with Special Cases Exercises p.376
8-1-4 Factoring Completely Exercises p.380
8-1-5 Factoring Shortcuts Exercises p.383
8-2-1 Multiple Representations for Quadratic Functions Exercises p.387
8-2-2 Zero Product Property Exercises p.391
8-2-3 More Ways to Find the x-intercepts Exercises p.395
8-2-4 Completing the Quadratic Web Exercises p.398
8-2-5 Completing the Square Exercises p.403

Chapter 9

Solving Quadratics And Inequalities

9-1-1 Solving Quadratic Equations Exercises p.417
9-1-2 Introduction to the Quadratic Formula Exercises p.421
9-1-3 More Solving Quadratic Equations Exercises p.425
9-1-4 Choosing a Strategy Exercises p.429
9-2-1 Solving Linear, One-Variable Inequalities Exercises p.433
9-2-2 More Solving Inequalities Exercises p.437
9-3-1 Graphing Linear, Two-Variable Inequalities Exercises p.440
9-3-2 Graphing Linear and Non-Linear Inequalities Exercises p.445
9-4-1 Systems of Inequalities Exercises p.448
9-4-2 More Systems of Inequalities Exercises p.452
9-4-3 Applying Inequalities to Solve Problems Exercises p.456

Chapter 10

Solving Complex Equations

10-1-1 Association in Two-Way Tables Exercises p.469
10-2-1 Solving by Rewriting Exercises p.477
10-2-2 Fraction Busters Exercises p.481
10-2-3 Multiple Methods for Solving Equations Exercises p.485
10-2-4 Determining the Number of Solutions Exercises p.490
10-2-5 Deriving the Quadratic Formula and the Number System Exercises p.495
10-2-6 More Solving and an Application Exercises p.501
10-3-1 Intersection of Two Functions Exercises p.504
10-3-2 Number of Parabola Intersections Exercises p.509
10-3-3 Solving Quadratic and Absolute Value Inequalities Exercises p.513

Chapter 11

Functions And Data

11-1-1 Transforming Functions Exercises p.525
11-1-2 Inverse Functions Exercises p.529
11-2-2 Comparing Data Exercises p.539
11-2-3 Standard Deviation Exercises p.546
11-3-1 Using a Best-Fit Line to Make a Prediction Exercises p.551
11-3-2 Relation Treasure Hunt Exercises p.554
11-3-3 Investigating a Complex Function Exercises p.557
11-3-4 Using Algebra to Find a Maximum Exercises p.560
11-3-5 Exponential Functions and Linear Inequalities Exercises p.565

Chapter Appendix

Representing Expressions

A-1-1 Exploring Variable and Combining Like Terms Exercises p.583
A-1-2 Simplifying Expressions by Combining Like Terms Exercises p.587
A-1-3 Writing Algebraic Expressions Exercises p.590
A-1-4 Using Zero to Simplify Algebraic Expressions Exercises p.595
A-1-5 Using Algebra Tiles to Simplify Algebraic Expressions Exercises p.599
A-1-6 Using Algebra Tiles to Compare Expressions Exercises p.603
A-1-7 Simplifying and Recording Work Exercises p.607
A-1-8 Using Algebra Tiles to Solve for x Exercises p.611
A-1-9 What is x? Exercises p.615

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