Algebra Connections (California), Version 3.0

Algebra Connections (California), Version 3.0 textbook answersISBN: 9781603280006
Author: CPM
Published: Cali

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Chapter 1

Problem Solving

1.1.1 Interpreting Graphs Diamond Problems p.6
Homework p.7
1.1.2 Using the (x,y) Coordinate Plane Review & Preview p.10
Homework p.11
1.1.3 Collecting, Organizing, and Analyzing Data Homework p.16
Homework p.17
1.1.4 Finding and Generalizing Patterns Homework p.20
Homework p.21
1.2.1 Solving Problems with Guess and Check Homework p.25
Homework p.26
1.2.2 More Guess and Check Homework p.29
1.2.3 More Guess and Check Homework p.32

Chapter 2

Variables And Proportions

2.1.1 Exploring Variables and Combing Like Terms Review & Preview p.42
Homework p.43
2.1.2 Simplifying Expressions by Combining Like Terms Review & Preview p.45
Homework p.46
2.1.3 Writing Algebraic Expressions Review & Preview p.49
Homework p.50
2.1.4 Using Zero to Simplify Algebraic Expressions Homework p.53
Homework p.54
2.1.5 Using Algebra Tiles to Simplify Algebraic Expressions Homework p.58
2.1.6 Using Algebra Tiles to Compare Expressions Homework p.61
Homework p.62
2.1.7 Simplifying and Recording Work Homework p.66
Homework p.67
2.1.8 Using Algebra Tiles to Solve for x Homework p.70
2.1.9 More Solving Equations Homework p.73
2.2.1 Solving Problems with Proportional Intuition Review & Preview p.75
Homework p.76
2.2.2 Sharing Proportion-Organizing Strategies Review & Preview p.78
Homework p.79
2.2.3 Using Proportional Relationships Homework p.82
Homework p.83

Chapter 3

Graphs And Equations

3.1.1 Extending Patterns and Finding Rules Review & Preview p.95
Homework p.96
3.1.2 Using Tables, Graphs, and Rules to Make Predictions Homework p.99
3.1.3 Using the Graphing Calculator and Identifying Solutions Homework p.103
Homework p.104
3.1.4 Completing Tables and Drawing Graphs Review & Preview p.106
Homework p.107
3.1.5 Graphs, Tables, and Rules Homework p.110
Homework p.111
3.1.6 Complete Graphs Homework p.113
3.1.7 Identifying Common Graph Errors Review & Preview p.116
Homework p.117
3.2.1 Solving Equations and Testing the Solutions Homework p.120
3.2.2 Determining the Number of Solutions Homework p.122
Homework p.123
3.2.3 Solving Equations to Solve Problems Homework p.125
3.2.4 More Solving Equations to Solve Problems Homework p.128

Chapter 4

Multiple Representations

4.1.1 Finding Connections Between Representations Review & Preview p.140
Homework p.141
4.1.2 Seeing Growth in Different Representations Homework p.145
4.1.3 Connecting Linear Rules and Graphs Homework p.148
4.1.4 y = mx + b Homework p.151
4.1.5 Checking the Connections Homework p.154
Homework p.155
4.1.6 Graphing Without an x -> y Table Homework p.156
4.1.7 Completing the Web Review & Preview p.161
Homework p.162
4.2.1 Introduction to Systems of Equations Homework p.165
4.2.2 Writing Rules from Word Problems Review & Preview p.168
Homework p.169
4.2.3 Solving Systems Algebraically Homework p.172
4.2.4 Extending the Web to other Linear Situations Review & Preview p.176
Homework p.177
Homework p.178

Chapter 5

Multiplication And Proportions

5.1.1 Exploring an Area Model Homework p.192
5.1.2 Multiplying Binomials and the Distributive Property Review & Preview p.194
Homework p.195
5.1.3 Using Generic Rectangles to Multiply Homework p.199
5.1.4 Solving Equations With Multiplication Homework p.202
5.1.5 Working with Multi-Variable Equations Review & Preview p.205
Homework p.206
5.1.6 Solving Equations Without Manipulatives Homework p.208
5.2.1 Setting Up and Solving Proportions Review & Preview p.211
Homework p.212
5.2.2 Practice with Proportions Review & Preview p.214
Homework p.215
5.2.3 Applying Proportions Review & Preview p.218
Homework p.219

Chapter 6

Systems Of Equations

6.1.1 Mathematical Sentences Review & Preview p.234
Homework p.235
6.1.2 Solving Word Problems by Writing Equations Homework p.238
6.1.3 Solving Problems by Writing Equations Review & Preview p.240
Homework p.241
6.2.1 Solving Systems of Equations Using Substitution Review & Preview p.243
Homework p.244
6.2.2 Making Connections: Systems, Solutions, and Graphs Review & Preview p.248
Homework p.249
6.2.3 Solving Systems of Equations Using Elimination Homework p.253
6.2.4 More Elimination Homework p.256
6.2.5 Choosing A Strategy for Solving Systems Homework p.259
6.3.1 Pulling it All Together Homework p.264
Homework p.265
Homework p.266

Chapter 7

Linear Relationships

7.1.1 y = mx + b Homework p.276
Homework p.277
7.1.2 Using Equations to Make Predictions Homework p.280
7.1.3 Measuring Steepness: An Introduction to Slope Homework p.284
7.1.4 Comparing ?y and ?x Homework p.288
Homework p.289
7.1.5 More on Slope Homework p.291
Homework p.292
7.2.1 Equation of a Line in Context Homework p.295
7.2.2 Slope as a Measurement of Rate Homework p.298
Homework p.299
7.2.3 Rates of Change Homework p.301
Homework p.302
7.3.1 Finding an Equation Given a Slope and a Point Homework p.306
7.3.2 Slopes of a Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Homework p.309
7.3.3 Finding the Equation of a Line Through Two Points Homework p.312
7.3.4 Applying y = mx + b to find Equations from Graphs Homework p.314
Homework p.315

Chapter 8


8.1.1 Introduction to Factoring Quadratics Homework p.329
Homework p.330
8.1.2 Factoring with Generic Rectangles Homework p.333
8.1.3 Factoring with Special Cases Homework p.336
8.1.4 Factoring Completely Homework p.339
8.2.1 Investigating a Parabola Homework p.342
8.2.2 Multiple Representations for Quadratics Homework p.343
Homework p.345
Homework p.346
8.2.3 Zero Product Property Homework p.349
Homework p.350
8.2.4 Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring Homework p.352
8.2.5 Completing the Quadratic Web Homework p.355
Homework p.356
8.3.1 Introduction to the Quadratic Formula Homework p.359
8.3.2 More Solving Quadratic Equations Homework p.362
8.3.3 Choosing a Strategy Review & Preview p.366

Chapter 9


9.1.1 Solving Linear, One-Variable Inequalities Homework p.377
Review & Preview p.378
9.1.2 More Solving Inequalities Review & Preview p.381
9.2.1 Graphing Two-Variable Inequalities Review & Preview p.384
9.2.2 Graphing Linear and Non-linear Equations Review & Preview p.387
9.2.3 Introduction to Absolute Value Homework p.389
Review & Preview p.390
9.3.1 Systems of Inequalities Review & Preview p.394
9.3.2 More Systems of Inequalities Review & Preview p.396
9.3.3 Applying Inequalities to Solve Problems Review & Preview p.399
Homework p.400

Chapter 10

Simplifying And Solving

10.1.1 Simplifying Expressions Review & Preview p.411
10.1.2 Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions Review & Preview p.414
10.1.3 Solving by Rewriting Review & Preview p.417
10.1.4 Fraction Busters Review & Preview p.420
10.2.1 Multiple Methods for Solving Equations Review & Preview p.424
Homework p.425
10.2.2 Determine the Number of Solutions Review & Preview p.428
10.2.3 More Solving and an Application Review & Preview p.430
Homework p.431
10.2.4 Solving Inequalities with Absolute Value Review & Preview p.433
10.2.5 Solving Absolute Value and Quadratic Inequalities Homework p.435
Review & Preview p.436
10.3.1 Completing the Square Review & Preview p.439
10.3.2 More Completing the Square Review & Preview p.441
10.4.1 Simplifying Exponential Expressions Review & Preview p.445
10.4.2 Zero and Negative Exponents Review & Preview p.448
Homework p.449
10.4.3 Fractional Exponents and Scientific Notation Homework p.452
Review & Preview p.453

Chapter 11

Functions And Relations

11.1.1 Describing a Graph Review & Preview p.462
Homework p.463
11.1.2 Relation Machines Review & Preview p.466
11.1.3 Functions Review & Preview p.469
11.1.4 Domain and Range Review & Preview p.474
11.1.5 Investigating a New Relation Homework p.476
Homework p.477
Review & Preview p.478
11.1.6 Transformation of a Function Homework p.481
Review & Preview p.482
11.2.1 Intercepts and Intersections Review & Preview p.484
11.2.2 Pulling it All Together Review & Preview p.487
11.3.1 Relation Treasure Hunt Review & Preview p.489

Chapter 12

Algebraic Extensions

12.2.2 Solving Percent Mixture Problems Homework p.
12.1.1 Factoring Shortcuts Review & Preview p.498
Homework p.499
12.1.2 Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions Review & Preview p.500
Homework p.501
12.1.3 More Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions Homework p.503
Review & Preview p.504
12.2.1 Solving Work Problems Review & Preview p.507
12.2.2 Solving Percent Mixture Problems Review & Preview p.508
Homework p.508
12.3.1 Deriving Quadratic Formula Review & Preview p.511
12.4.1 Using Data and Trend Lines to Make Predictions Review & Preview p.513
Homework p.514
12.4.2 Analyzing Non-linear Tile Patterns Homework p.515
Homework p.516
Homework p.517
12.4.3 Investigating a Complex Function Review & Preview p.518
12.4.4 Using Algebra to Find a Maximum Review & Preview p.521
Homework p.522

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