Algebra 1, 4th Edition

Algebra 1, 4th Edition textbook answersISBN: 9781602773011
Author: Saxon
Published: 2009

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Chapter 1

Lessons 1 – 10, Investigation 1

1 Classifying Real Numbers Warm Up p.2
Lesson Practice p.5
Practice p.5
2 Understanding Variables and Expressions Warm Up p.7
Lesson Practice p.9
Practice p.10
3 Simplifying Expressions Using the Product Property of Exponents Warm Up p.12
Practice p.14
Lesson Practice p.14
4 Using Order of Operations Warm Up p.17
Lesson Practice p.19
Practice p.20
5 Finding Absolute Value and Adding Real Numbers, Exploration: Modeling Real Number Addition Warm Up p.22
Exploration p.23
Lesson Practice p.25
Practice p.25
6 Subtracting Real Numbers Warm Up p.27
Lesson Practice p.28
Practice p.29
7 Simplifying and Comparing Expressions with Symbols of Inclusion Warm Up p.31
Lesson Practice p.33
Practice p.34
8 Using Unit Analysis to Convert Measures, Exploration: Using Unit Analysis Warm Up p.36
Exploration p.37
Lesson Practice p.39
Practice p.40
9 Evaluating and Comparing Algebraic Expressions Warm Up p.43
Lesson Practice p.44
Practice p.45
10 Adding and Subtracting Real Numbers Warm Up p.47
Practice p.49
Lesson Practice p.49
LAB 1 Graphing Calculator: Generating Random Numbers Lab Practice p.52
INV 1 Investigation: Determining the Probability of an Event, Exploration: Conducting Experiments to Find Probabilities Exercises p.53
Investigation Practice p.55

Chapter 2

Lessons 11 – 20, Investigation 2

11 Multiplying and Dividing Real Numbers Warm Up p.56
Lesson Practice p.59
Practice p.60
12 Using the Properties of Real Numbers to Simplifying Expressions Warm Up p.63
Practice p.66
Lesson Practice p.66
13 Calculating and Comparing Square Roots Warm Up p.69
Practice p.71
Lesson Practice p.71
14 Determining the Theoretical Probability of an Event, Exploration: Finding Theoretical Probability Warm Up p.74
Exploration p.74
Lesson Practice p.76
Practice p.77
15 Using the Distributive Property to Simplifying Expressions Warm Up p.80
Lesson Practice p.82
Practice p.83
16 Simplifying and Evaluating Variable Expressions Warm Up p.86
Lesson Practice p.89
Practice p.90
17 Translating Between Words and Algebraic Expressions Warm Up p.93
Lesson Practice p.94
Practice p.95
18 Combining Like Terms Warm Up p.98
Practice p.100
Lesson Practice p.100
19 Solving One-Step Equations by Adding or Subtracting, Exploration: Using Algebra Tiles to Model One-Step Equations Warm Up p.103
Exploration p.104
Lesson Practice p.106
Practice p.107
20 Graphing on a Coordinate Plane Warm Up p.110
Lesson Practice p.113
Practice p.114
INV 2 Investigation: Graphing a Relationship Exercises p.117
Investigation Practice p.119

Chapter 3

Lessons 21 – 30, Investigation 3

21 Solving One-Step Equations by Multiplying and Dividing, Exploration: Using Inverse Operations Warm Up p.120
Exploration p.121
Lesson Practice p.123
Practice p.124
22 Analyzing and Comparing Statistical Graphs, Exploration: Analyzing Bar Graphs Exploration p.127
Warm Up p.127
Lesson Practice p.130
Practice p.131
23 Solving Two-Step Equations Warm Up p.134
Lesson Practice p.137
Practice p.137
24 Solving Decimal Equations Warm Up p.140
Lesson Practice p.142
Practice p.142
25 Differentiating Between Relations and Functions Warm Up p.146
Practice p.149
Lesson Practice p.149
26 Solving Multi-Step Equations Warm Up p.153
Lesson Practice p.155
Practice p.155
27 Identifying Misleading Representations of Data Warm Up p.159
Lesson Practice p.160
Practice p.161
28 Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides, Exploration: Modeling Variables on Both Sides of an Equation Exploration p.164
Warm Up p.164
Practice p.167
Lesson Practice p.167
29 Solving Literal Equations Warm Up p.171
Practice p.174
Lesson Practice p.174
LAB 2 Graphing Calculator: Creating a Table Lab Practice p.178
30 Graphing Functions Warm Up p.179
Lesson Practice p.182
Practice p.183
INV 3 Investigation: Analyzing the Effect of Bias in Sampling Surveys, and Bar Graphs, Exploration: Making and Analyzing Biased Graphs Exercises p.187
Investigation Practice p.189

Chapter 4

Lessons 31 – 40, Investigation 4

31 Using Rates, Ratios, and Proportions Warm Up p.190
Practice p.193
Lesson Practice p.193
32 Simplifying and Evaluating Expressions with Interger and Zero Exponents Warm Up p.197
Lesson Practice p.200
Practice p.201
33 Finding the Probability of Independent and Dependent Events Warm Up p.204
Lesson Practice p.208
Practice p.208
34 Recognizing and Extending Arithmetic Sequences Warm Up p.211
Lesson Practice p.214
Practice p.214
35 Locating and Using Intercepts Warm Up p.217
Lesson Practice p.220
Practice p.221
36 Writing and Solving Proportions, Exploration: Changing Dimensions Warm Up p.223
Exploration p.225
Lesson Practice p.226
Practice p.227
37 Using Scientific Notation, Exploration: Applying Scientific Notation Exploration p.230
Warm Up p.230
Lesson Practice p.233
Practice p.233
38 Simplifying Expressions Using the GCF Warm Up p.236
Practice p.240
Lesson Practice p.240
39 Using the Distributive Property to Simplifying Rational Expressions Warm Up p.243
Practice p.246
Lesson Practice p.246
40 Simplifying and Evaluating Expressions Using the Power Property for Exponents, Exploration: Raising a Power to a Power Exploration p.249
Warm Up p.249
Lesson Practice p.251
Practice p.252
INV 4 Investigation: Using Deductive and Inductive Reasoning Exercises p.254
Investigation Practice p.255

Chapter 5

Lessons 41 – 50, Investigation 5

41 Finding Rates of Change and Slope, Exploration: Analyzing a Graph Warm Up p.256
Lesson Practice p.259
Practice p.260
42 Solving Percent Problems Warm Up p.263
Lesson Practice p.266
Practice p.266
43 Simplifying Rational Expressions Warm Up p.270
Practice p.272
Lesson Practice p.272
44 Finding Slope Using the Slope Formula Warm Up p.275
Lesson Practice p.278
Practice p.279
45 Translating Between Words and Inequalities Warm Up p.282
Lesson Practice p.284
Practice p.285
46 Simplifying Expressions with Square Roots and Higher – Order Roots Warm Up p.288
Lesson Practice p.290
Practice p.291
47 Solving Problems Involving the Percent of Change Warm Up p.294
Practice p.296
Lesson Practice p.296
48 Analyzing Measures of Central Tendency Warm Up p.299
Lesson Practice p.301
Practice p.302
LAB 3 Graphing Calculator: Graphing Linear Functions Lab Practice p.306
49 Writing Equations in Slope – Intercept Form Warm Up p.307
LAB 3 Graphing Calculator: Graphing Linear Functions Lab Practice p.310
49 Writing Equations in Slope – Intercept Form Practice p.311
50 Graphing Inequalities Warm Up p.314
Lesson Practice p.316
Practice p.317
INV 5 Investigation: Using Logical Reasoning Exercises p.320
Investigation Practice p.321

Chapter 6

Lessons 51 – 60, Investigation 6

41 Finding Rates of Change and Slope, Exploration: Analyzing a Graph Exploration p.256
51 Simplifying Rational Expressions, Exploration: Finding Products of Square Roots Warm Up p.322
Lesson Practice p.325
Practice p.325
52 Determining the Equation of a Line Given Two Points Warm Up p.329
Lesson Practice p.331
Practice p.332
53 Adding and Subtracting Polynomials, Exploration: Using Algebra Tiles to Add or Subtract Polynomials Warm Up p.335
Exploration p.337
Lesson Practice p.339
Practice p.340
LAB 4 Graphing Calculator: Drawing Box-and-Whisker Plots Lab Practice p.344
54 Displaying Data in a Box-and-Whisker Plot Warm Up p.345
Lesson Practice p.348
Practice p.348
LAB 5 Graphing Calculator: Calculating the Intersection of Two Lines Lab Practice p.353
55 Solving Systems of Linear Equations by Graphing Warm Up p.354
Lesson Practice p.357
Practice p.357
56 Identifying, Writing, and Graphing Direct Variation, Exploration: Using Direct Variation Exploration p.361
Warm Up p.361
Practice p.365
Lesson Practice p.365
57 Finding the Least Common Multiple Warm Up p.368
Lesson Practice p.372
Practice p.372
58 Multiplying Polynomials, Exploration: Modeling Products of Binomials Warm Up p.375
Exploration p.376
Practice p.379
Lesson Practice p.379
59 Solving Systems of Linear Equations by Substitution Warm Up p.382
Lesson Practice p.386
Practice p.387
60 Finding Special Products of Binomials, Exploration: Multiplying Binomials Warm Up p.390
Exploration p.390
Practice p.393
Lesson Practice p.393
INV 6 Investigation: Transforming Linear Functions Investigation Practice p.397

Chapter 7

Lessons 61-70, Investigation 7

61 Simplifying Radical Expressions Warm Up p.398
Practice p.401
Lesson Practice p.401
Lab 6 Graphing Calculator: Drawing Histograms Lab Practice p.405
62 Displaying Data in Stem-and-Leaf Plots and Histograms Warm Up p.406
Lesson Practice p.409
Practice p.409
63 Solving Systems of Linear Equations by Elimination Warm Up p.412
Lesson Practice p.415
Practice p.415
64 Identifying, Writing, and Graphing Inverse Variation Warm Up p.418
Practice p.421
Lesson Practice p.421
65 Writing Equations of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Warm Up p.424
Lesson Practice p.426
Practice p.427
66 Solving Inequalities by Adding and Subtracting Warm Up p.430
Lesson Practice p.433
67 Solving and Classifying Special Systems of Linear Equations Practice p.439
68 Mutually Exclusive and Inclusive Events Practice p.446
69 Adding and Subtracting Radical Expressions Practice p.452
70 Solving Inequalities by Multiplying or Dividing Practice p.459

Chapter 8

Lessons 71-80, Investigation 8

71 Making and Analyzing Scatter Plots Practice p.471
72 Factoring Trinomials x? + bx + c Practice p.478
73 Solving Compound Inequalities Practice p.484
74 Solving Absolute-Value Equations Practice p.490
75 Factoring ax? + bx + c Practice p.497
76 Multiplying Radical Expressions Practice p.502
77 Solving Two-Step and Multi-Step Inequalities Practice p.507
78 Graphing Rational Expressions Practice p.514
79 Factoring Trinomials by Using the GCF Practice p.520
80 Calculating Frequency Distributions Practice p.526

Chapter 9

Lessons 81-90, Investigation 9

81 Solving Inequalities with Variables on Both Sides Practice p.535
82 Solving Multi-Step Compound Inequalities Practice p.540
83 Factoring Special Products Practice p.547
84 Identifying Quadratic Functions Practice p.553
85 Solving Problems Using the Pythagorean Theorem Practice p.560
86 Calculating the Midpoint and Length of a Segment Practice p.567
87 Factoring Polynomials by Grouping Practice p.573
88 Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions Practice p.580
89 Identifying Characteristics of Quadratic Functions Practice p.590
90 Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions Practice p.595
INV 9 Investigation: Choosing a Factoring Method Investigation 9 p.598

Chapter 10

Lessons 91-100, Investigation 10

91 Solving Absolute-Value Inequalities Practice p.606
92 Simplifying Complex Fractions Practice p.612
93 Dividing Polynomials Practice p.620
94 Solving Multi-Step Absolute-Value Equations Practice p.628
95 Combining Rational Expressions with Unlike Denominators Practice p.634
96 Graphing Quadratic Functions Practice p.642
97 Graphing Linear Inequalities Practice p.652
98 Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring Practice p.659
99 Solving Rational Equations Practice p.666
100 Solving Quadratic Equations by Graphing Practice p.673
INV 10 Investigation: Transforming Quadratic Functions Investigation 10 p.676

Chapter 11

Lessons 101-110, Investigation 11

101 Solving Multi-Step Absolute-Value Inequalities Practice p.681
102 Solving Quadratic Equations Using Square Roots Practice p.687
103 Dividing Radical Expressions Practice p.694
104 Solving Quadratic Equations by Completing the Square Practice p.702
105 Recognizing and Extending Geometric Sequences Practice p.709
106 Solving Radical Equations Practice p.717
107 Graphing Absolute-Value Functions Practice p.724
108 Identifying and Graphing Exponential Functions Practice p.731
109 Graphing Systems of Linear Inequalities Practice p.739
110 Using the Quadratic Functions Practice p.746
INV 11 Investigation: Investigating Exponential Growth and Decay Investigation 11 p.749

Chapter 12

Lessons 111-120, Investigation 12

111 Solving Problems Involving Permutations Practice p.758
112 Graphing and Solving Systems of Linear and Quadratic Equations Practice p.766
113 Interpreting the Discriminant Practice p.771
114 Graphing Square-Root Functions Practice p.779
116 Solving Simple and Compound Interest Problems Practice p.783
115 Graphing Cubic Functions Practice p.785
117 Using Trigonometric Ratios Practice p.800
118 Solving Problems Involving Combinations Practice p.806
119 Graphing and Comparing Linear, Quadratic, and Exponential Functions Practice p.814
120 Using Geometric Formulas to Find the Probability of an Event Practice p.820
INV 12 Investigation: Matrix Operations Investigation 12 p.826

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