Amsco's Integrated Algebra 1

Amsco's Integrated Algebra 1 textbook answersISBN: 9781567655858
Author: Amsco School Publications
Published: 2007

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

Chapter 1

Number Systems

1-1 The Integers Exercises p.9
1-2 The Rational Numbers Exercises p.15
1-3 The Irrational Numbers Exercises p.23
1-4 The Real Numbers Exercises p.27
1-5 Numbers as Measurements Exercises p.33
Review Exercises p.35

Chapter 2

Operations And Properties

2-1 Order of Operations Exercises p.43
2-2 Properties of Operations Exercises p.53
2-3 Addition of Signed Numbers Exercises p.58
2-4 Subtraction of Signed Numbers Exercises p.62
2-5 Multiplication of Signed Numbers Exercises p.67
2-6 Division of Signed Numbers Exercises p.70
2-7 Operations with Sets Exercises p.74
2-8 Graphing Number Pairs Exercises p.80
Review Exercises p.83
Cumulative Review Ch.1-2 p.85

Chapter 3

Algebraic Expressions And Open Sentences

3-1 Using Letters to Represent Numbers Exercises p.91
3-2 Translating Verbal Phrases Into Symbols Exercises p.93
3-3 Algebraic Terms and Vocabulary Exercises p.96
3-4 Writing Algebraic Expressions in Words Exercises p.99
3-5 Evaluating Algebraic Expressions Exercises p.103
3-6 Open Sentence and Solution Sets Exercises p.106
3-7 Writing Formulas Exercises p.108
Review Exercises p.111
Cumulative Review Ch.1-3 p.114

Chapter 4

First Degree Equations And Inequalities In One …

4-1 Solving Equations Using More Than One Operation Exercises p.121
4-2 Simplifying Each Side of an Equation Exercises p.127
4-3 Solving Equations That Have the Variable in Both Sides Exercises p.132
4-4 Using Formulas to Solve Problems Exercises p.137
4-5 Solving for a Variable in Terms of Another Variable Exercises p.143
4-6 Transforming Formulas Exercises p.145
4-7 Properties of Inequalities Exercises p.150
4-8 Finding and Graphing the Solution Set of an Inequality Exercises p.155
4-9 Using Inequalities to Solve Problems Exercises p.159
Review Exercises p.162
Cumulative Review Ch.1-4 p.164

Chapter 5

Operations With Algebraic Expressions

5-1 Adding and Subtracting Algebraic Expressions Exercises p.172
5-2 Multiplying Powers That Have the Same Base Exercises p.176
5-3 Multiplying by a Monomial Exercises p.180
5-4 Multiplying Polynomials Exercises p.185
5-5 Dividing Powers That Have the Same Base Exercises p.187
5-6 Powers with Zero and Negative Exponents Exercises p.191
5-7 Scientific Notation Exercises p.195
5-8 Dividing by a Monomial Exercises p.199
5-9 Dividing by a Binomial Exercises p.201
Review Exercises p.203
Cumulative Review Ch.1-5 p.204

Chapter 6

Ratio And Proportion

6-1 Ratio Exercises p.210
6-2 Using a Ration to Express a Rate Exercises p.213
6-3 Verbal Problems Involving Ratio Exercises p.215
6-4 Proportion Exercises p.220
6-5 Direct Variation Exercises p.224
6-6 Percent and Percentage Problems Exercises p.231
6-7 Changing Units of Measure Exercises p.236
Review Exercises p.239
Cumulative Review Ch.1-6 p.242

Chapter 7

Geometric Figures, Areas, And Volumes

7-1 Points, Lines, and Plances Exercises p.249
7-2 Pairs of Angles Exercises p.255
7-3 Angles and Parallel Lines Exercises p.261
7-4 Triangles Exercises p.267
7-5 Quadrilaterals Exercises p.277
7-6 Areas of Irregular Polygons Exercises p.280
7-7 Surface Areas of Solids Exercises p.285
7-8 Volume of Solids Exercises p.290
Review Exercises p.294
Cumulative Review Ch.1-7 p.297

Chapter 8


8-1 The Pythagorean Theorem Exercises p.305
8-2 The Tangent Ration Exercises p.311
8-3 Applications of the Tangent Ratio Exercises p.315
8-4 The Sine and Cosine Ratios Exercises p.320
8-5 Applications of the Sine and Cosine Ratios Exercises p.325
8-6 Solving Problems Using Trigonometric Ratios Exercises p.328
Review Exercises p.332
Cumulative Review Ch.1-8 p.335

Chapter 9

Graphing Linear Functions And Relations

9-1 Sets, Relations, Functions Exercises p.344
9-2 Graphing Linear Functions Using Their Solutions Exercises p.350
9-3 Graphing a Line Parallel to an Axis Exercises p.353
9-4 The Slope of a Line Exercises p.360
9-5 The Slopes of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Exercises p.365
9-6 The Intercepts of a Line Exercises p.369
9-7 Graphing Linear Functions Using Their Slopes Exercises p.373
9-8 Graphing Direct Variation Exercises p.376
9-9 Graphing First-Degree Inequalities in Two Variables Exercises p.381
9-10 Graphs Involving Absolute Value Exercises p.387
9-11 Graphs Involving Exponential Functions Exercises p.391
Review Exercises p.394
Cumulative Review Ch.1-9 p.399

Chapter 10

Writing And Solving Systems Of Linear Functions

10-1 Writing an Equation Given Slope and One Point Exercises p.403
10-2 Writing an Equation Given Two Points Exercises p.406
10-3 Writing an Equation Given the Intercepts Exercises p.409
10-4 Using a Graph to Solve a System of Linear Equations Exercises p.415
10-5 Using Addition to Solve a System of Linear Equations Exercises p.421
10-6 Using Substitution to Solve a System of Linear Equations Exercises p.424
10-7 Using Systems of Equations to Solve Verbal Problems Exercises p.429
10-8 Graphing the Solution Set of a System of Inequalities Exercises p.434
Review Exercises p.436
Cumulative Review Ch.1-10 p.439

Chapter 11

Special Products And Factors

11-1 Factors and Factoring Exercises p.446
11-2 Common Monomial Factors Exercises p.448
11-3 The Square of a Monomial Exercises p.449
11-4 Multiplying the Sum and the Difference of Two Terms Exercises p.451
11-5 Factoring the Difference of Two Perfect Squares Exercises p.453
11-6 Multiplying Binomials Exercises p.456
11-7 Factoring Trinomials Exercises p.461
11-8 Factoring a Polynomial Completely Exercises p.463
Review Exercises p.465
Cumulative Review Ch.1-11 p.466

Chapter 12

Operations With Radicals

12-1 Radicals and the Rational Numbers Exercises p.475
12-2 Radicals and the Irrational Numbers Exercises p.481
12-3 Finding the Principal Square Root of a Monomial Exercises p.483
12-4 Simplifying a Square-Root Radical Exercises p.486
12-5 Addition and Subtraction of Radicals Exercises p.490
12-6 Multiplication of Square-Root Radicals Exercises p.493
12-7 Division of Square-Root Radicals Exercises p.495
Review Exercises p.497
Cumulative Review Ch.1-12 p.499

Chapter 13

Quadratic Relations And Functions

13-1 Solving Quadratic Equations Exercises p.507
13-2 The Graph of a Quadratic Function Exercises p.518
13-3 Finding Roots from a Graph Exercises p.524
13-4 Graphic Solution of a Quadratic-Linear System Exercises p.528
13-5 Algebraic Solution of a Quadratic-Linear System Exercises p.532
Review Exercises p.534
Cumulative Review Chapters 1-13 p.536

Chapter 14

Algebraic Fractions, And Equations And Inequalities Involving …

14-1 The Meaning of an Algebraic Fraction Exercises p.540
14-2 Reducing Fractions to Lowest Terms Exercises p.544
14-3 Multiplying Fractions Exercises p.547
14-5 Adding or Subtracting Algebraic Fractions Exercises p.554
14-6 Solving Equations with Fractional Coefficients Exercises p.559
14-7 Solving Inequalities with Fractional Coefficients Exercises p.563
14-8 Solving Fractional Equations Exercises p.568
Review Exercises p.570
Cumulative Review Chapters 1-14 p.573

Chapter 15


15-1 Empirical Probability Exercises p.581
15-2 Theoratical Probability Exercises p.588
15-3 Evaluating Simple Probabilities Exercises p.594
15-4 The Probability of (A and B) Exercises p.598
15-5 The Probability of (A or B) Exercises p.603
15-6 The Probability of (Not A) Exercises p.607
15-7 The Counting Principle, Sample Spaces, and Probability Exercises p.613
15-8 Probabilities of Two or More Activities Exercises p.623
15-9 Permutations Exercises p.634
15-10 Permutations with Repetition Exercises p.638
15-11 Combinations Exercises p.644
15-12 Permutations, Combinations, and Probability Exercises p.648
Review Exercises Chapter 2 p.653
Cumulative Review Chapters 1-15 p.657

Chapter 16


16-1 Collecting Data Exercises p.665
16-2 Organizing Data Exercises p.672
16-3 The Histogram Exercises p.679
16-4 The Mean, the Median, and the Mode Exercises p.686
16-5 Measurements of Central Tendency and Grouped Data Exercises p.695
16-6 Quartiles, Percentiles, and Cumulative Frequency Exercises p.707
16-7 Bivariate Statistics Exercises p.721
Review Exercises p.725
Cumulative Review Chapters 1-16 p.729

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