Discovering Algebra: An Investigative Approach, 2nd Edition

Discovering Algebra: An Investigative Approach, 2nd Edition textbook answersISBN: 9781559537636
Author: Key Curriculum Press
Published: 2007

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Chapter 0

Fractions And Fractals

0.1 The Same yet Smaller Exercises p.6
0.2 More and More Exercises p.11
0.3 Shorter yet Longer Exercises p.17
0.4 Going Somewhere? Exercises p.26
0.5 Out of Chaos Exercises p.31
Review Chapter 0 Review Exercises p.34

Chapter 1

Data Exploration

1.1 Bar Graphs and Dot Plots Exercises p.41
1.2 Summarizing Data with Measures of Center Exercises p.49
1.3 Five-Number Summaries and Box Plots Exercises p.55
1.4 Histograms and Stem-and-Leaf Plots Exercises p.62
1.6 Two-Variable Data Exercises p.73
1.7 Estimating Exercises p.78
1.8 Using Matrices to Organize and Combine Data Exercises p.88
Review Chapter 1 Review Exercises p.90

Chapter 2

Proportional Reasoning And Variation

2.1 Proportions Exercises p.99
2.2 Capture-Recapture Exercises p.106
2.3 Proportions and Measurement Systems Exercises p.111
2.4 Direct Variation Exercises p.117
2.5 Inverse Variation Exercises p.127
2.7 Evaluating Expressions Exercises p.139
2.8 Undoing Operations Exercises p.147
Review Chapter 2 Review Exercises p.151

Chapter 3

Linear Equations

3.1 Recursive Sequences Exercises p.161
3.2 Linear Plots Exercises p.168
3.3 Time-Distance Relationships Exercises p.174
3.4 Linear Equations and the Intercept Form Exercises p.182
3.5 Linear Equations and Rate of Change Exercises p.191
3.6 Solving Equations Using the Balancing Method Exercises p.200
Review Chapter 3 Review Exercises p.206
Take Another Look p.211

Chapter 4

Fitting A Line To Data

4.1 A Formula for Slope Exercises p.220
4.2 Writing a Linear Equation to Fit Data Exercises p.229
4.3 Point-Slope Form of a Linear Equation Exercises p.236
4.4 Equivalent Algebraic Equations Exercises p.244
4.5 Writing Point-Slope Equations to Fit Data Exercises p.249
4.6 More on Modeling Exercises p.257
4.7 Applications of Modeling Exercises p.263
Review Chapter 4 Review Exercises p.268

Chapter 5

Systems Of Equations And Inequalities

5.1 Solving Systems of Equations Exercises p.276
5.2 Solving Systems of Equations Using Substitution Exercises p.285
5.3 Solving Systems of Equations Using Elimination Exercises p.292
5.4 Solving Systems of Equations Using Matrices Exercises p.300
5.5 Inequalities In One Variable Exercises p.308
5.6 Graphing Inequalities In Two Variables Exercises p.316
5.7 Systems of Inequalities Exercises p.324
Review Chapter 5 Review Exercises p.328

Chapter 6

Exponents And Exponential Models

6.1 Recursive Routines Exercises p.337
6.2 Exponential Equations Exercises p.345
6.3 Multiplications and Exponents Exercises p.352
6.4 Scientific Notation for Large Numbers Exercises p.357
6.5 Looking Back with Exponents Exercises p.363
6.6 Zero and Negative Exponents Exercises p.370
6.7 Fitting Exponential Models to Data Exercises p.377
Review Chapter 6 Review Exercises p.383

Chapter 7


7.1 Secret Codes Exercises p.392
7.2 Functions and Graphs Exercises p.400
7.3 Graphs of Real-World Situations Exercises p.408
7.4 Function Notation Exercises p.414
7.5 Defining the Absolute-Value Function Exercises p.421
7.6 Squares, Squaring, and Parabolas Exercises p.426
Review Chapter 7 Review Exercises p.429
Take Another Look p.434

Chapter 8


8.1 Translating Points Exercises p.440
8.2 Translating Graphs Exercises p.449
8.3 Reflecting Points and Graphs Exercises p.456
8.4 Stretching and Shrinking Graphs Exercises p.467
8.6 Introduction to Rational Functions Exercises p.479
8.7 Transformations with Matrices Exercises p.486
Review Chapter 8 Review Exercises p.490

Chapter 9

Quadratic Models

9.1 Solving Quadrating Equations Exercises p.499
9.2 Finding the Roots and the Vertex Exercises p.505
9.3 From Vertex to General Form Exercises p.511
9.4 Factored Form Exercises p.519
9.6 Completing the Square Exercises p.528
9.7 The Quadratic Formula Exercises p.533
9.8 Cubic Functions Exercises p.541
Review Chapter 9 Review Exercises p.545
Take Another Look p.548

Chapter 10


10.1 Relative Frequency Graphs Exercises p.553
10.2 Probability Outcomes and Trials Exercises p.560
10.3 Random Outcomes Exercises p.566
10.4 Counting Techniques Exercises p.573
10.5 Multiple-Stage Experiments Exercises p.581
10.6 Expected Value Exercises p.587
Review Chapter 10 Review Exercises p.590

Chapter 11

Introduction To Geometry

11.1 Parallel and Perpendicular Exercises p.599
11.2 Finding the Midpoint Exercises p.604
11.3 Squares, Right Triangles, and Areas Exercises p.608
11.4 The Pythagorean Theorem Exercises p.615
11.5 Operations with Roots Exercises p.621
11.6 A Distance Formula Exercises p.629
11.7 Similar Triangles and Trigonometric Functions Exercises p.637
11.8 Trigonometry Exercises p.644
Review Chapter 11 Review Exercises p.647

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