Algebra: The University of Chicago School Mathematics Project

Algebra: The University of Chicago School Mathematics Project textbook answersISBN: 9780673459527
Author: Addison Wesley
Published: 1998

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Chapter 1

Uses Of Variables

1-1 Variables In Sentences Questions p.8
1-2 Sets And Domains Questions p.14
1-3 Operations With Sets Questions p.20
1-4 Variables in Expressions Questions p.25
1-5 Variables in Formulas Questions p.29
1-6 Square Roots And Variables Questions p.34
1-7 Variables And Patterns Questions p.40
1-8 The Pythagorean Theorem Questions p.48
1-9 Variables From Tables Questions p.56
1-9 Progress Self-Test Progress Self-Test p.63
1-9 Chapter Review Chapter Review p.65
1-9 Refresher Refresher p.69

Chapter 2

Multiplication In Algebra

2-1 Areas, Arrays, Volumes Questions p.76
2-2 Special Numbers In Multiplication Questions p.81
2-3 Multiplying Algebraic Fractions Questions p.88
2-4 Multiplying Rates Questions p.93
2-5 Products And Powers With Negative Numbers Questions p.99
2-6 Solving ax = b Questions p.106
2-7 Special Numbers In Equations Questions p.111
2-8 Solving ax < b Questions p.117
2-9 The Multiplication Counting Principle Questions p.122
2-10 Factorials And Permutations Questions p.128
2-10 Progress Self-Test Progress Self-Test p.134
2-10 Chapter Review Chapter Review p.136
2-10 Refresher Refresher p.139

Chapter 3

Addition In Algebra

3-1 Models And Properties Of Addition Questions p.145
3-2 More Properties Of Addition Questions p.152
3-3 The Coordinate Plane Questions p.159
3-4 Two Dimensional Slides Question p.166
3-5 Solving ax + b = c Questions p.173
3-6 The Distributive Property And Adding Like Terms Questions p.180
3-7 The Distributive Property And Removing Parantheses Questions p.186
3-8 Writing Linear Equations Questions p.191
3-9 Adding Algebraic Fractions Questions p.197
3-10 Solving ax + b < c Questions p.202
3-10 Progress Self-Test Progress Self-Test p.208
3-10 Chapter Review Chapter Review p.210
3-10 Refresher Refresher p.213

Chapter 4

Subtraction In Algebra

4-1 Subtraction Of Real Numbers Questions p.218
4-2 Models Of Subtraction Questions p.224
4-3 Solving Sentences Involving Subtraction Question p.229
4-4 Spreadsheets Questions p.237
4-5 The Opposite Of A Sum Or Difference Questions p.243
4-6 Graphing x + y = k And x – y = k Questions p.249
4-7 Sums And Differences In Geometry Questions p.256
4-8 The Triangle Inequality Questions p.264
4-9 Graphing Linear Patterns Questions p.271
4-9 Progress Self-Test Progress Self-Test p.277
4-9 Chapter Review Chapter Review p.278

Chapter 5

Linear Sentences

5-1 Horizontal And Vertical Lines Questions p.288
5-2 Using Tables To Compare Linear Expressions Questions p.294
5-3 Solving ax + b = cx + d Questions p.301
5-4 Using Graphs To Compare Linear Expressions Questions p.306
5-5 Using An Automatic Grapher Questions p.314
5-6 Solving ax + b < cx + d Questions p.320
5-7 Equivalent Formulas Questions p.325
5-8 Advanced Solving Sentences Technique I: Multiplying Through Questions p.330
5-9 Advanced Solving Techniques II: Chunking Questions p.335
5-9 Progress Self-Test Progress Self-Test p.341
5-9 Chapter Review Chapter Review p.343
5-9 Refresher Refresher p.347

Chapter 6

Divisions In Algebra

6-1 The Algebraic Definition Of Division Questions p.353
6-2 Rates Questions p.359
6-3 Ratios Questions p.365
6-4 Relative Frequency And Probability Questions p.373
6-5 Solving Percent Problems Using Equations Questions p.378
6-6 Probability Without Counting Questions p.383
6-7 Size Changes Questions p.391
6-8 Proportions Questions p.397
6-9 Similar Figures Questions p.404-407
6-9 Progress Self-Test Progress Self-Test p.411
6-9 Chapter Review Chapter Review p.412

Chapter 7

Slopes And Lines

7-1 Rates Of Change Questions p.421
7-2 The Slope Of A Line Questions p.428
7-3 Properties Of Slope Questions p.436
7-4 Slope-Intercept Equations For Lines Questions p.442
7-5 Equations For Lines With A Given Point And Slope Questions p.447
7-6 Equations For Lines Through Two Points Questions p.453
7-7 Fitting A Line To Data Questions p.460
7-8 Equations For All Lines Questions p.466
7-9 Graphing Linear Inequalities Questions p.472
7-9 Progress Self-Test Progress Self-Test p.479
7-9 Chapter Review Chapter Review p.480

Chapter 8

Exponents And Powers

8-1 Compound Interest Questions p.489
8-2 Exponential Growth Questions p.495
8-3 Comparing Constant Increase And Exponential Growth Questions p.501
8-4 Exponential Decay Questions p.507
8-5 Products And Powers Of Powers Questions p.513
8-6 Negative Exponents Questions p.518
8-7 Quotients Of Powers Questions p.524
8-8 Powers Of Products And Quotients Questions p.530
8-9 Remembering Properties Of Exponents And Powers Questions p.536
8-9 Progress Self-Test Progress Self-Test p.542
8-9 Chapter Review Chapter Review p.543

Chapter 9

Quadratic Equations And Square Roots

9-1 Graphing y = ax^2 Questions p.551
9-2 Graphing y = ax^2 + bx + c Questions p.558
9-3 Graphing Parabolas With An Automatic Grapher Questions p.564
9-4 Quadratic Equations And Projectiles Questions p.570
9-5 The Quadratic Formula Questions p.576
9-6 Analyzing Solutions To Quadratic Equations Questions p.583
9-7 Square Roots And Products Questions p.590
9-8 Absolute Value, Distance, And Square Roots Questions p.597
9-9 Distance In Planes Questions p.602
9-9 Progress Self-Test Progress Self-Test p.609
9-9 Chapter Review Chapter Review p.610

Chapter 10


10-1 What Are Polynomials? Questions p.618
10-2 Investments And Polynomials Questions p.624
10-3 Multiplying A Polynomial By A Monomial Questions p.630
10-4 Multiplying Polynomials Questions p.636
10-5 Multiplying Binomials Questions p.643
10-6 Special Binomial Products Questions p.649
10-7 The Chi-Square Stastics Questions p.655
10-7 Progress Self-Test Progress Self-Test p.660
10-7 Chapter Review Chapter Review p.661

Chapter 11

Linear Systems

11-1 An Introduction To Systems Questions p.668
11-2 Solving Systems Using Substitution Questions p.674
11-3 More Uses Of Substitutions Questions p.679
11-4 Solving Systems By Additions Questions p.684
11-5 Solving Systems By Multiplication Questions p.690
11-6 Systems And Parallel Lines Questions p.696
11-7 Situations Which Always Or Never Happen Questions p.701
11-8 System Of Inequalities Questions p.708
11-8 Progress Self-Test Progress Self-Test p.714
11-8 Chapter Review Chapter Review p.715

Chapter 12


12-1 Factoring Integers Into Primes Questions p.724
12-2 Common Monomial Factoring Questions p.729
12-3 Factoring x^2 + bx + c Questions p.736
12-4 Solving Some Quadratic Equations By Factoring Questions p.741
12-5 Factoring ax^2 + bx + c Questions p.746
12-6 How Was The Quadratic Formula Found? Questions p.751
12-7 Rational Numbers And Irrational Numbers Questions p.757
12-8 Which Quadratic Expressions Are Factorable? Questions p.763
12-8 Progress Self-Test Progress Self-Test p.768
12-8 Chapter Review Chapter Review p.769

Chapter 13


13-1 What Is A Function? Questions p.776
13-2 Function Notation Questions p.781
13-3 Absolute Value Functions Questions p.787
13-4 Domain And Range Questions p.792
13-5 Probability Functions Questions p.797
13-6 Polynomial Functions Questions p.803
13-7 The Tangent Function Questions p.810
13-8 Functions On Calculators And Computers Questions p.814
13-8 Progress Self-Test Progress Self-Test p.820
13-8 Chapter Review Chapter Review p.821

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