Math: Algebra 1 (California)

Math: Algebra 1 (California) textbook answersISBN: 9780618726523
Author: McDougal Littell
Published: Cali

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Chapter 1

Expressions, Equations, And Problem Solving

1.1 Evaluate Expressions and Use Exponents Exercises p.8
1.2 Apply Order of Operations Exercises p.14
1.3 Write Expressions Exercises p.22
Quiz for Lessons 1.1-1.3 p.24
Mixed Review p.25
1.4 Write Equations and Inequalities Exercises p.29
1.5 Use a Problem Solving Plan Exercises 1.5 p.35
Mixed Review p.39
Chapter Review p.42
Chapter Test p.45
Multiple Choice Practice p.48

Chapter 2

Properties Of Real Numbers

2.1 Use Integers and Rational Numbers Exercises p.56
2.2 Add Real Numbers Exercises p.63
2.3 Subtract Real Numbers Exercises p.69
Quiz for Lessons 2.1-2.3 p.71
2.4 Multiply Real Numbers Exercises p.77
Mixed Review p.80
2.5 Apply the Distributive Property Exercises p.84
2.6 Divide Real Numbers Exercises p.90
2.7 Find Square Roots and Compare Real Numbers Exercises p.98
2.8 Use Properties of Real Numbers and Logical Reasoning Exercises p.105
Quiz for Lessons 2.6-2.8 p.108
Mixed Review p.109
Chapter Review p.112
Chapter Test p.117
Multiple Choice Practice p.120

Chapter 3

Solving Equations

3.1 Solve One-Step Equations Exercises p.128
3.2 Solve Two-Step Equations Exercises p.135
3.3 Solve Multi-Step Equations Exercises p.141
3.4 Solve Equations with Variables on Both Sides Exercises p.149
Quiz for Lessons 3.1-3.4 p.152
Mixed Review p.154
3.5 Write Ratios and Proportions Exercises p.158
3.6 Solve Proportions Using Cross Products Exercises p.164
3.7 Rewrite Equations and Formulas Exercises p.170
Quiz for Lessons 3.5-3.7 p.173
Mixed Review p.174
Chapter Review p.177
Chapter Test p.181

Chapter 4

Solving Inequalities

4.1 Solve Inequalities Using Addition and Subtraction Exercises p.192
4.2 Solve Inequalities Using Multiplication and Division Exercises p.198
Quiz for Lessons 4.1-4.2 p.201
4.3 Solve Multi-Step Inequalities Exercises p.205
4.4 Solve Compound Inequalities Exercises p.214
Quiz for Lessons 4.3-4.4 p.217
Mixed Review p.219
4.5 Solve Absolute Value Equations Exercises p.223
4.6 Solve Absolute Value Inequalities Exercises p.229
Quiz for Lessons 4.5-4.6 p.231
Mixed Review p.232
Chapter Review p.235
Chapter Test p.239
Cumulative Review (Chapters 1-4) p.244

Chapter 5

Graphing Linear Equations And Functions

5.1 Represent Functions as Ordered Pairs and Rules Exercises p.252
5.2 Represent Functions as Graphs Exercises p.260
Quiz for Lessons 5.1-5.2 p.263
5.3 Graph Linear Equations and Functions Exercises p.268
5.4 Graph Using Intercepts Exercises p.276
Quiz for Lessons 5.3-5.4 p.279
Mixed Review p.280
5.5 Find Slope and Rate of Change Exercises p.286
5.6 Graph Using Slope-Intercept Form Exercises p.294
5.7 Recognize Direct Variation Exercises p.300
Quiz for Lessons 5.5-5.7 p.303
Mixed Review p.306
Chapter Review p.309
Chapter Test p.313

Chapter 6

Writing Linear Equations

6.1 Write Linear Equations in Slope-Intercept Form Exercises p.325
6.2 Use Linear Equations in Slope-Intercept Form Exercises p.333
Quiz for Lessons 6.1-6.2 p.336
Mixed Review p.339
6.3 Write Linear Equations in Point-Slope Form Exercises p.343
6.4 Write Linear Equations in Standard Form Exercises p.350
6.5 Write Equations of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Exercises p.357
Mixed Review p.361
Chapter Review p.364
Chapter Test p.367

Chapter 7

Systems Of Equations And Inequalities

7.1 Solve Linear Systems by Graphing Exercises p.378
7.2 Solve Linear Systems by Substitution Exercises p.386
Quiz for Lessons 7.1-7.2 p.388
7.3 Solve Linear Systems by Adding or Subtracting Exercises p.394
7.4 Solve Linear Systems by Multiplying First Exercises p.401
Quiz for Lessons 7.3-7.4 p.404
7.5 Solve Special Types of Linear Systems Exercises p.408
Mixed Review p.412
7.6 Solve Rate Problems Exercises p.415
7.7 Solve Mixture Problems Exercises p.421
Quiz for Lessons 7.5-7.7 p.423
7.8 Graph Linear Inequalities in Two Variables Exercises p.429
7.9 Solve Systems of Linear Inequalities Exercises p.437
Quiz for Lessons 7.8-7.9 p.440
Mixed Review p.441
Chapter Review p.444
Chapter Test p.449
Cumulative Review (Chapters 1-7) p.454

Chapter 8

Exponents And Radicals

8.1 Apply Exponent Properties Involving Products Exercises p.463
8.2 Apply Exponent Properties Involving Quotients Exercises p.470
Quiz for Lessons 8.1-8.2 p.473
8.3 Define and Use Zero and Negative Exponents Exercises p.478
Mixed Review p.481
8.4 Simplify Radical Expressions Exercises p.487
Quiz for Lessons 8.3-8.4 p.490
8.5 Apply the Pythagorean Theorem and its Converse Exercises p.494
8.6 Use Cube Roots and Fractional Exponents Exercises p.501
Quiz for Lessons 8.5-8.6 p.503
Mixed Review p.504
Chapter Review p.507
Chapter Test p.511

Chapter 9

Polynomials And Factoring

9.1 Add and Subtract Polynomials Exercises p.523
9.2 Multiply Polynomials Exercises p.531
9.3 Find Special Products of Polynomials Exercises p.537
9.4 Divide Polynomials Exercises p.545
Quiz for Lessons 9.1-9.4 p.547
Mixed Review p.548
9.5 Solve Polynomial Equations in Factored Form Exercises p.552
9.6 Factor x^2+bx+c Exercises p.559
9.7 Factor ax^2+bx+c Exercises p.569
Quiz for Lessons 9.5-9.7 p.572
9.8 Factor Special Products Exercises p.576
9.9 Factor Polynomials Completely Exercises p.583
Quiz for Lessons 9.8-9.9 p.586
Mixed Review p.587
Chapter Review p.590
Chapter Test p.595
Cumulative Review (Chapters 1-9) p.600

Chapter 10

Quadratic Equations And Functions

10.1 Graph y = ax^2+c Exercises p.608
10.2 Graph y = ax^2+bx+c Exercises p.615
10.3 Graph y = a(x-p)(x-q) Exercises p.621
Quiz for Lessons 10.1-10.3 p.623
10.4 Solve Quadratic Equations by Graphing Exercises p.628
Mixed Review p.632
10.5 Use Square Roots to Solve Quadratic Equations Exercises p.636
Quiz for Lessons 10.4-10.5 p.639
10.6 Solve Quadratic Equations by Completing the Square Exercises p.646
10.7 Solve Quadratic Equations by the Quadratic Formula Exercises p.652
10.8 Interpret the Discriminant Exercises p.660
Quiz for Lessons 10.6-10.8 p.662
Mixed Review p.663
Chapter Review p.666
Chapter Test p.671

Chapter 11

Rational Expressions And Equations

11.1 Recognize Inverse Variation Exercises p.684
11.2 Simplify Rational Expressions Exercises p.691
11.3 Multiply and Divide Rational Expressions Exercises p.700
Quiz for Lessons 11.1-11.3 p.703
Mixed Review p.704
11.4 Add and Subtract Rational Expressions Exercises p.709
11.5 Solve Rational Equations Exercises p.716
11.6 Solve Work Problems Exercises p.723
Quiz for Lessons 11.4-11.6 p.725
Mixed Review p.726
Chapter Review p.729
Chapter Test p.733
Cumulative Review (Chapters 1-11) p.738

Chapter 12

Probability: Review And Preview

12.1 Find Theoretical and Experimental Probability Exercises p.747
12.2 Find Probabilities Using Permutations Exercises p.753
Quiz for Lessons 12.1-12.2 p.755
12.3 Find Probabilities Using Combinations Exercises p.758
12.4 Find Probabilities of Compound Events Exercises p.765
Quiz for Lessons 12.3-12.4 p.768
Mixed Review p.771
Chapter Review p.774
Chapter Test p.777

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