Algebra 1 Common Core

Algebra 1 Common Core textbook answersISBN: 9780547647036
Author: Holt McDougal
Published: 2012

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Chapter 1


1-1 Variables and Expressions Exercises p.9
1-2 Solving Equations by Adding or Subtracting Exercises p.20
1-3 Solving Equations by Multiplying or Dividing Exercises p.27
1-4 Solving Two-Step and Multi-Step Equations Exercises p.36
1-5 Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides Exercises p.43
1-6 Solving for a Variable Exercises p.51
1-7 Solving Absolute-Value Equations Exercises p.57
1-8 Rates, Ratios, and Proportions Exercises p.65
1-9 Applications of Proportions Exercises p.72
1-10 Precision and Accuracy Exercises p.78
Study Guide: Review p.84
Chapter Test p.88

Chapter 2


2-1 Graphing and Writing Inequalities Exercises p.103
2-2 Solving Inequalities by Adding or Subtracting Exercises p.109
2-3 Solving Inequalities by Multiplying or Dividing Exercises p.115
2-4 Solving Two-Step and Multi-Step Inequalities Exercises p.123
2-5 Solving Inequalities with Variables on Both Sides Exercises p.129
2-6 Solving Compound Inequalities Exercises p.138
2-7 Solving Absolute Value Inequalities Exercises p.145

Chapter 3


3-1 Graphing Relationships Exercises p.167
3-2 Relations and Functions Exercises p.173
3-3 Writing Functions Exercises p.183
3-4 Graphing Functions Exercises p.190
3-5 Scatter Plots and Trend Lines Exercises p.200
3-6 Arithmetic Sequences Exercises p.209

Chapter 4

Linear Functions

4-1 Identifying Linear Functions Exercises p.234
4-2 Using Intercepts Exercises p.240
4-3 Rate of Change and Slope Exercises p.248
4-4 The Slope Formula Exercises p.257
4-5 Direct Variation Exercises p.263
4-6 Slope-Intercept Form Exercises p.272
4-7 Point-Slope Form Exercises p.279
4-8 Line of Best Fit Exercises p.289
4-9 Slopes of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Exercises p.297
4-10 Transforming Linear Functions Exercises p.305

Chapter 5

Systems Of Equations And Inequalities

5-1 Solving Systems by Graphing Exercises p.332
5-2 Solving Systems by Substitution Exericses p.340
5-3 Solving Systems by Elmination Exercises p.347
5-5 Solving Linear Inequalities Exercises p.364
5-6 Solving Systems of Linear Inequalities Exercises p.370
Chapter Test p.380

Chapter 6

Exponents And Polynomials

6-1 Integer Exponents Exercises p.395
6-2 Rational Exponents Exercises p.401
6-3 Polynomials Exercises p.409
6-4 Adding and Subtracting Polynomials Exercises p.417
6-5 Multiplying Polynomials Exercises p.427
Exercises p.437
Chapter Test p.446

Chapter 7

Factoring Polynomials

7-1 Factors and Greatest Common Factors Exercises p.459
7-2 Factoring by GCF Exercises p.467
7-3 Factoring x^2+bx+c Exercises p.476
7-4 Factoring ax^2+bx+c Exercises p.484
Read To Go On? p.489
7-5 Factoring Special Products Exercises p.494
7-6 Choosing a Factoring Method Exercises p.501
Multi-Step Test Prep p.504
Ready To Go On? p.505
Chapter Test p.510
Study Guide: Review p.594

Chapter 8

Quadratic Functions And Equations

8-1 Identifying Quadratic Functions Exercises p.526
8-2 Characteristics of Quadratic Functions Exercises p.535
8-3 Graphing Quadratic Functions Exercises p.541
8-4 Transforming Quadratic Functions Exercises p.549
8-5 Solving Quadratic Equations by Graphing Exercises p.557
8-6 Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring Exercises p.565
8-7 Solving Quadratic Equations by Using Square Roots Exercises p.571
8-8 Completing the Square Exercises p.579
8-9 The Quadratic Formula and the Discriminant Exercises p.587
8-10 Nonlinear Systems Nonlinear Systems p.594
Extension p.603
Chapter Test p.608

Chapter 9

Exponential Functions

9-1 Geometric Sequences Exercises p.621
9-2 Exponential Functions Exercises p.629
9-3 Exponential Growth and Decay Exercises p.639
9-4 Linear, Quadratic, and Exponential Models Exercises p.653
9-5 Comparing Functions Exercises p.664
Chapter Test p.674

Chapter 10

Data Analysis And Probability

10-1 Organizing and Displaying Data Exercises p.691
10-2 Frequency and Histograms Exercises p.698
10-3 Data Distributions Exercises p.706
Extension Exercises p.712
10-4 Dot Plots and Distributions Exercises p.718
10-5 Experimental Probability Exercises p.730
10-6 Theoretical Probability Exercises p.737
10-7 Independent and Dependent Events Exercises p.744
Chapter Test p.756

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