Algebra: Form and Function

Algebra: Form and Function textbook answersISBN: 9780471707080
Author: Wiley
Published: 2010

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

Chapter 1

The Key Concepts Of Algebra

1-1 Expressions Exercises p.6
1-2 Equations Exercises p.11
1-3 Equivalent Expressions Exercises p.16
1-4 Equivalent Equations Exercises p.23
Review Problems p.25

Chapter 2

Rules For Expressions And The Reasons For …

2-1 Reordering and Regrouping Exercises p.32
2-2 The Distributive Law Exercises p.38
2-3 Expanding and Factoring Exercises p.45
2-4 Algebraic Fractions Exercises p.53
Review Problems p.54

Chapter 3

Rules For Equations And The Reasons For …

3-1 Solving Equations Exercises p.62
3-2 Solving Inequalities Exercises p.67
3-3 Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities Exercises p.73
Review Problems p.74

Chapter 4

Functions, Expressions, And Equations

4-1 What is Function? Exercises p.83
4-2 Functions and Expressions Exercises p.88
4-3 Functions and Equations Exercises p.93
4-4 Functions and Change Exercises p.99
4-5 Functions and Modeling Exercises p.106
Review Problems p.108

Chapter 5

Linear Functions, Expressions, And Equations

5-1 Linear Functions Exercises p.120
5-2 Working With Linear Expressions Exercises p.126
5-3 Solving Linear Equations Exercises p.134
5-4 Equations for Lines in the Plane Exercises p.141
5-5 Modeling with Linear Functions and Equations Exercises p.147
5-6 Systems of Linear Equations Exercises p.157
Review Problems p.159
Solving Drill p.166

Chapter 6

Rules For Exponents And The Reasons For …

6-1 Integer Powers and the Exponent Rules Exercises p.175
6-2 Fractional Exponents and Radical Expressions Exercises p.182
Review Problems p.183

Chapter 7

Power Functions, Expressions, And Equations

7-1 Power Functions Exercises p.195
7-2 Working With Power Expressions Exercises p.202
7-3 Solving Power Equations Exercises p.210
7-4 Modeling with Power Functions Exercises p.216
Review Problems p.218
Solving Drill p.221

Chapter 8

More On Functions

8-1 Domain and Range Exercises p.230
8-2 Composing and Decomposing Functions Exercises p.235
8-3 Shifting and Scaling Exercises p.243
8-4 Inverse Functions Exercises p.250
Review Problems p.251

Chapter 9

Quadratic Functions, Expressions, And Equations

9-1 Quadtric Functions Exercises p.261
9-2 Working With Quadratic Expressions Exercises p.269
9-3 Solving Quadratic Equations by Completing the Square Exercises p.277
9-4 Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring Exercises p.284
9-5 Complex Numbers Exercises p.290
Review Problems p.291
Solving Drill p.295

Chapter 10

Exponential Functions, Expressions, And Equations

10-1 Exponential Functions Exercises p.302
10-2 Working with the Base Exercises p.308
10-3 Working with the Exponent Exercises p.315
10-4 Solving Exponential Equations Exercises p.320
10-5 Modeling with Exponential Functions Exercises p.328
10-6 Exponential Functions and Base e Exercises p.334
Review Problems p.335

Chapter 11


11-1 Introduction to Logarithms Exercises p.347
11-2 Solving Equations Using Logarithms Exercises p.354
11-3 Applications of Logarithms to Modeling Exercises p.358
11-4 Natural Logarithms and Other Bases Exercises p.368
Review Exercises p.369

Chapter 12


12-1 Polynomial Functions Exercises p.377
12-2 Working with Polynomials Exercises p.383
12-3 Solving Polynomial Equations Exercises p.392
12-4 Long-Run Behavior of Polynomial Functions Exercises p.398
Review Problems p.400

Chapter 13

Rational Functions

13-1 Rational Functions Exercises p.411
13-2 Long-Run Behavior of Rational Functions Exercises p.421
13-3 Putting a Rational Function in Quotient Form Exercises p.427
Review Problem p.428

Chapter 14

Summation Notation

14-1 Using Subscripts and Sigma Notation Exercises p.436

Chapter 15

Sequences And Series

15-1 Sequences Exercises p.444
15-2 Arithmetic Series Exercises p.450
15-3 Geometric Sequences and Series Exercises p.456
15-4 Applications of Series Exercises p.461
Review Problems p.463

Chapter 16

Matrices And Vectors

16-1 Matrices Exercises p.468
16-2 Matrix Multiplication Exercises p.474
16-3 Matrices and Vectors Exercises p.481
16-4 Matrices and Systems of Linear Equations Exercises p.490
Review Problems p.492

Chapter 17

Probability And Statistics

17-1 The Mean Exercises p.501
17-2 The Standard Deviation Exercises p.507
17-3 Probability Exercises p.518
Review Problems p.520

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