Algebra Structure and Method Book 1

Algebra Structure and Method Book 1 textbook answersISBN: 9780395977224
Author: McDougal Littell
Published: 2000

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Chapter 1

Introduction To Algebra

1-1 Variables Oral Exercises p.3
Written Exercises p.3
Mixed Review Exercises p.5
1-2 Grouping Symbols Oral Exercises p.7
Written Exercises p.8
Mixed Review Exercises p.9
1-3 Equations Oral Exercises p.11
Written Exercises p.11
Mixed Review Exercises p.12
Self-Test 1 p.13
1-4 Translating Words into Symbols Written Exercises p.16
Oral Exercises p.16
Mixed Review Exercises p.18
1-5 Translating Sentences into Equations Written Exercises p.20
Oral Exercises p.20
Mixed Review Exercises p.22
1-6 Translating Problems into Equations Problems p.24
Mixed Review Exercises p.26
1-7 A Problem Solving Plan Problems p.28
Mixed Review Exercises p.29
Self-Test 2 p.30
1-8 Number Lines Written Exercises p.33
Oral Exercises p.33
Mixed Review Exercises p.35
1-9 Opposites and Absolute Values Oral Exercises p.37
Written Exercises p.38
Self-Test 3 p.39
1-9 Opposites and Absolute Values Mixed Review Exercises p.39
Chapter Review p.41
Chapter Test p.42

Chapter 2

Working With Real Numbers

2-1 Basic Assumptions Oral Exercises p.46
Written Exercises p.47
Mixed Review Exercises p.48
Oral Exercises p.51
Written Exercises p.52
2-2 Addition on a Number Line Mixed Review Exercises p.53
2-3 Rules for Addition Oral Exercises p.55
Written Exercises p.55
Problems p.57
Mixed Review Exercises p.58
2-4 Subtracting Real Numbers Oral Exercises p.60
Written Exercises p.61
Problems p.62
Mixed Review Exercises p.63
Self-Test 1 p.64
2-5 The Distributive Property Oral Exercises p.67
Written Exercises p.67
Mixed Review Exercises p.69
2-6 Rules for Multiplication Oral Exercises p.72
Written Exercises p.72
Mixed Review Exercises p.73
2-7 Problem Solving: Consecutive Integers Oral Exercises p.76
Written Exercises p.77
Mixed Review Exercises p.78
Self-Test 2 p.78
2-8 The Reciprocal of a Real Number Oral Exercises p.80
Written Exercises p.81
Mixed Review Exercises p.82
2-9 Dividing Real Numbers Oral Exercises p.84
Written Exercises p.85
Self-Test 3 p.86
Mixed Review Exercises p.86
Chapter Review p.89
Chapter Test p.90
Cumulative Review (Chapters 1 and 2) p.91

Chapter 3

Solving Equations And Problems

3-1 Transforming Equations: Addition and Subtraction Written Exercises p.97
Oral Exercises p.97
Problems p.98
Mixed Review Exercises p.100
3-2 Transforming Equations: Multiplication and Division Written Exercises p.104
Oral Exercises p.104
Problems p.105
Mixed Review Exercises p.106
3-3 Using Several Transformations Oral Exercises p.109
Written Exercises p.109
Mixed Review Exercises p.110
Self-Test 1 p.111
3-4 Using Equations to Solve Problems Problems p.113
Mixed Review Exercises p.115
3-5 Equations with the Variable on Both Sides Oral Exercises p.117
Written Exercises p.118
Problems p.118
Mixed Review Exercises p.120
Self-Test 2 p.120
3-6 Problem Solving: Using Charts Oral Exercises p.122
Problems p.122
Mixed Review Exercises p.125
3-7 Cost, Income, and Value Problems Oral Exercises p.127
Problems p.127
Mixed Review Exercises p.129
3-8 Proof in Algebra Written Exercises p.131
Oral Exercises p.131
Mixed Review Exercises p.133
Self-Test 3 p.134
Chapter Review p.135
Chapter Test p.136
Cumulative Review: Chapters 1-3 p.137
Maintaining Skills p.138
Mixed Problem Solving p.139

Chapter 4


4-1 Exponents Written Exercises p.143
Oral Exercises p.143
Mixed Review Exercises p.144
4-2 Adding and Subtracting Polynomials Written Exercises p.148
Oral Exercises p.148
Mixed Review Exercises p.150
Problems p.150
Self-Test 1 p.151
4-3 Multiplying Monomials Oral Exercises p.153
Written Exercises p.153
Mixed Review Exercises p.154
4-4 Powers of Monomials Oral Exercises p.156
Written Exercises p.156
4-3 Multiplying Monomials Mixed Review Exercises p.157
4-5 Multiplying Polynomials by Monomials Oral Exercises p.159
Written Exercises p.159
Mixed Review Exercises p.160
4-6 Multiplying Polynomials Oral Exercises p.162
Written Exercises p.162
Mixed Review Exercises p.164
Self-Test 2 p.164
4-7 Transforming Formulas Written Exercises p.166
Oral Exercises p.166
Mixed Review Exercises p.166
4-8 Rate-Time-Distance Problems Oral Exercises p.169
Problems p.170
Mixed Review Exercises p.171
4-9 Area Problems Problems p.173
Oral Exercises p.173
Mixed Review Exercises p.174
4-10 Problems Without Solutions Problems p.176
Self-Test 3 p.177
Chapter Review p.178
Chapter Test p.180
Cumulative Review (Chapters 1-4) p.181
Maintaining Skills p.182

Chapter 5

Factoring Polynomials

5-1 Factoring Integers Oral Exercises p.186
Written Exercises p.186
Mixed Review Exercises p.187
5-2 Dividing Monomials Oral Exercises p.191
Written Exercises p.192
Mixed Review Exercises p.193
5-3 Monomial Factors of Polynomials Oral Exercises p.196
Written Exercises p.196
Problems p.198
Self-Test 1 p.199
Mixed Review Exercises p.199
5-4 Multiplying Binomials Mentally Oral Exercises p.201
Written Exercises p.201
Mixed Review Exercises p.203
5-5 Differences of Two Squares Oral Exercises p.205
Written Exercises p.206
Mixed Review Exercises p.207
5-6 Squares of Binomials Written Exercises p.210
Oral Exercises p.210
Mixed Review Exercises p.212
Self-Test 2 p.212
5-7 Factoring Pattern for x^2 + bx + c, c positive Oral Exercises p.214
Written Exercises p.215
Mixed Review Exercises p.216
5-8 Factoring Pattern for x^2 + bx + c, c negative Oral Exercises p.218
Written Exercises p.218
Mixed Review Exercises p.219
5-9 Factoring Pattern for ax^2 + bx + c Oral Exercises p.221
Written Exercises p.222
Self-Test 3 p.223
Mixed Review Exercises p.223
5-10 Factoring by Grouping Oral Exercises p.225
Written Exercises p.225
Mixed Review Exercises p.226
5-11 Using Several Methods by Factoring Oral Exercises p.228
Written Exercises p.228
Mixed Review Exercises p.229
5-12 Solving Equations by Factoring Oral Exercises p.232
5-11 Using Several Methods by Factoring Written Exercises p.232
5-12 Solving Equations by Factoring Mixed Review Exercises p.233
5-13 Using Factoring to Solve Problems Problems p.235
Mixed Review Exercises p.238
Self-Test 4 p.238
Chapter Review p.240
Chapter Test p.242
Cumulative Review p.243
Maintaining Skills p.244
Mixed Problem Solving p.245

Chapter 6


6-1 Simplifying Fractions Oral Exercises p.248
Written Exercises p.248
Mixed Review Exercises p.250
6-2 Multiplying Fractions Oral Exercises p.253
Written Exercises p.253
Mixed Review Exercises p.254
6-3 Dividing Fractions Oral Exercises p.256
Written Exercises p.256
Self-Test 1 p.258
Mixed Review Exercises p.258
6-4 Least Common Denominators Written Exercises p.261
Oral Exercises p.261
Mixed Review Exercises p.262
6-5 Adding and Subtracting Fractions Oral Exercises p.266
Written Exercises p.267
Mixed Review Exercises p.268
Self-Test 2 p.269
6-6 Mixed Expressions Oral Exercises p.271
Written Exercises p.271
Mixed Review Exercises p.273
6-7 Polynomial Long Division Written Exercises p.276
Oral Exercises p.276
Mixed Review Exercises p.277
Self-Test 3 p.277
Chapter Review p.280
Chapter Test p.282
Cumulative Review p.283
Maintaining Skills p.284

Chapter 7

Applying Fractions

7-1 Ratios Oral Exercises p.289
Written Exercises p.289
Problems p.291
Mixed Review Exercises p.292
7-2 Proportions Oral Exercises p.294
Written Exercises p.295
Problems p.296
Mixed Review Exercises p.297
Self-Test 1 p.297
7-3 Equations with Fractional Coefficients Oral Exercises p.299
Written Exercises p.299
Problems p.300
Mixed Review Exercises p.301
7-4 Fraction Equations Written Exercises p.305
Oral Exercises p.305
Problems p.306
Self-Test 2 p.308
Mixed Review Exercises p.308
7-5 Percents Oral Exercises p.311
Written Exercises p.312
Problems p.313
7-6 Percent Problems Oral Exercises p.317
Written Exercises p.317
Problems p.318
Mixed Review Exercises p.320
Self-Test 3 p.320
7-7 Mixture Problems Oral Exercises p.322
Problems p.324
Mixed Review Exercises p.325
7-8 Work Problems Oral Exercises p.328
Problems p.328
Mixed Review Exercises p.330
Self-Test 4 p.330
7-9 Negative Exponents Written Exercises p.333
Oral Exercises p.333
Problems p.335
Mixed Review Exercises p.335
7-10 Scientific Notation Oral Exercises p.338
Problems p.339
Written Exercises p.339
Mixed Review Exercises p.340
Self-Test 5 p.341
Chapter Review p.342
Chapter Test p.344
Cumulative Review p.345
Maintaining Skills p.346
Mixed Problem Solving p.347

Chapter 8

Introduction To Functions

8-1 Equations in Two Variables Written Exercises p.351
Oral Exercises p.351
Mixed Review Exercises p.352
8-2 Points, Lines, and Their Graphs Oral Exercises p.356
Written Exercises p.357
Self-Test 1 p.358
Mixed Review Exercises p.358
8-3 Slope of a Line Oral Exercises p.363
Written Exercises p.363
Mixed Review Exercises p.365
8-4 The Slope-Intercept Form of a Linear Equation Oral Exercises p.368
Written Exercises p.368
Mixed Review Exercises p.369
8-5 Determining an Equation of a Line Oral Exercises p.372
Written Exercises p.372
Self-Test 2 p.373
Mixed Review Exercises p.373
8-6 Functions Defined by Tables and Graphs Oral Exercises p.376
Written Exercises p.377
Mixed Review Exercises p.377
8-7 Functions Defined by Equations Written Exercises p.380
Oral Exercises p.380
Mixed Review Exercises p.382
8-8 Linear and Quadratic Functions Written Exercises p.386
Oral Exercises p.386
Mixed Review Exercises p.387
Self-Test 3 p.388
8-9 Direct Variation Written Exercises p.393
Oral Exercises p.393
Problems p.395
Mixed Review Exercises p.396
8-10 Inverse Variation Written Exercises p.399
Oral Exercises p.399
Problems p.400
Mixed Review Exercises p.402
Self-Test 4 p.403
Chapter Review p.405
Chapter Test p.407
Cumulative Review p.409
Maintaining Skills p.410

Chapter 9

Systems Of Linear Equations

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9-1 The Graphing Method Oral Exercises p.414
9-2 The Substitution Method Written Exercises p.415
9-1 The Graphing Method Mixed Review Exercises p.416
9-2 The Substitution Method Written Exercises p.419
Oral Exercises p.419
Mixed Review Exercises p.420
9-3 Solving Problems with Two Variables Oral Exercises p.423
Problems p.424
Mixed Review Exercises p.425
9-4 The Addition-or-Subtraction Method Oral Exercises p.427
Written Exercises p.427
Problems p.428
Mixed Review Exercises p.429