Beginning Algebra, 11th Edition

Beginning Algebra, 11th Edition textbook answersISBN: 9780321673480
Author: Pearson
Published: 2011

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Chapter 1

The Real Number System

1.1 Fractions Exercises p.10
1.2 Exponents, Order of Operations, and Inequalities Exercises p.19
1.3 Variables, Expressions, and Equations Exercises p.26
1.4 Real Numbers and the Number Line Exercises p.34
1.5 Adding and Subtracting Real Numbers Exercises p.44
1.6 Multiplying and Dividing Real Numbers Exercises p.56
1.7 Properties of Real Numbers Exercises p.67
1.8 Simplifying Expressions Exercises p.72
Review Exercises p.79
Chapter Test p.83

Chapter 2

Linear Equations And Inequalities In One Variable

2.1 The Addition Property of Equality Exercises p.90
2.2 The Multiplication Property of Equality Exercises p.96
2.3 More on Solving Linear Equations Exercises p.104
Summary Exercises p.106
2.4 An Introduction to Applications of Linear Equations Exercises p.115
2.5 Formulas and Additional Applications from Geometry Exercises p.125
2.6 Ratio, Proportion, and Percent Exercises p.135
2.7 Further Applications of Linear Equations Exercises p.145
2.8 Solving Linear Inequalities Exercises p.159
Review Exercises p.167
Chapter Test p.171
Cumulative Review Exercises p.172

Chapter 3

Linear Equations And Inequalities In Two Variables; …

3.1 Linear Equations in Two Variables; The Rectangular Coordinate System Exercises p.183
3.2 Graphing Linear Equations in Two Variables Exercises p.195
3.3 The Slope of a Line Exercises p.206
3.4 Writing and Graphing Equations of Lines Exercises p.218
Summary Exercises p.222
3.5 Graphing Linear Inequalities in Two Variables Exercises p.227
3.6 Introduction to Functions Exercises p.234
Review Exercises p.241
Chapter Test p.244
Cumulative Review Exercises p.246

Chapter 4

Systems Of Linear Equations And Inequalities

4.1 Solving Systems of Linear Equations by Graphing Exercises p.253
4.2 Solving Systems of Linear Equations by Substitution Exercises p.262
4.3 Solving Systems of Linear Equations by Elimination Exercises p.268
Summary Exercises p.271
4.4 Applications of Linear Systems Exercises p.276
4.5 Solving Systems of Linear Inequalities Exercises p.284
Review Exercises p.288
Chapter Test p.291
Cumulative Review Exercises p.292

Chapter 5

Exponents And Polynomials

5.1 The Product Rule and Power Rules for Exponents Exercises p.301
5.2 Integer Exponents and the Quotient Rule Exercises p.308
Summary Exercises p.311
5.3 An Application of Exponents: Scientific Notation Exercises p.316
5.4 Adding and Subtracting Polynomials; Graphing Simple Polynomials Exercises p.325
5.5 Multiplying Polynomials Exercises p.333
5.6 Special Products Exercises p.338
5.7 Dividing Polynomials Exercises p.346
Review Exercises p.352
Chapter Test p.355
Cumulative Review Exercises p.357

Chapter 6

Factoring And Applications

6.1 The Greatest Common Factor; Factoring by Grouping Exercises p.365
6.2 Factoring Trinomials Exercises p.371
6.3 More on Factoring Trinomials Exercises p.378
6.4 Special Factoring Techniques Exercises p.387
Summary Exercises p.390
6.5 Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring Exercises p.397
6.6 Applications of Quadratic Equations Exercises p.405
Review Exercises p.413
Chapter Test p.416
Cumulative Review Exercises p.417

Chapter 7

Rational Expressions And Applications

7.1 The Fundamental Property of Rational Expressions Exercises p.426
7.2 Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions Exercises p.433
7.3 Least Common Denominators Exercises p.438
7.4 Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions Exercises p.445
7.5 Complex Fractions Exercises p.453
7.6 Solving Equations with Rational Expressions Exercises p.462
7.7 Applications of Rational Expressions Exercises p.471
7.8 Variation Exercises p.479
Review Exercises p.487
Chapter Test p.490
Cumulative Review Exercises p.491

Chapter 8

Roots And Radicals

8.1 Evaluating Roots Exercises p.500
8.2 Multiplying, Dividing, and Simplifying Radicals Exercises p.510
8.3 Adding and Subtracting Radicals Exercises p.515
8.4 Rationalizing the Denominator Exercises p.521
8.5 More Simplifying and Operations with Radicals Exercises p.527
Summary Exercises p.530
8.6 Solving Equations with Radicals Exercises p.536
8.7 Using Rational Numbers as Exponents Exercises p.542
Review Exercises p.547
Chapter Test p.549
Cumulative Review Exercises p.551

Chapter 9

Quadratic Equations

9.1 Solving Quadratic Equations by the Square Root Property Exercises p.557
9.2 Solving Quadratic Equations by Completing the Square Exercises p.565
9.3 Solving Quadratic Equations by the Quadratic Formula Exercises p.571
Summary Exercises p.573
9.4 Complex Numbers Exercises p.579
9.5 More on Graphing Quadratic Equations; Quadratic Functions Exercises p.585
Review Exercises p.591
Chapter Test p.593
Cumulative Review Exercises p.594

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