Algebra Readiness

Algebra Readiness textbook answersISBN: 9780133721188
Author: Prentice Hall
Published: 2010

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Chapter 1

Algebraic Expressions And Integers

Check your readiness p.3
1 Variables and Expressions Standards practice p.6
2 The Order of Operations Standard practice p.11
3 Writing and Evaluating Expressions Standards practice p.16
4 integers and absolute value Standards practice p.20
Checkpoint quiz 1 p.22
5 Adding integers Standards practice p.27
6 Subtracting integers Standards practice p.32
7 Inductive reasoning Standards practice p.38
8 Reasoning strategy: look for a pattern Standards practice p.42
9 Multiplying and dividing integers Standards practice p.47
Checkpoint quiz 2 p.49
10 The coordinate plane Standards practice p.54
Skills and concepts p.59
Chapter 1 Test p.62
Standards mastery p.63
Chapter 1 Extra Practice p.656

Chapter 2

Solving One Step Equations And Inequalities

Check your readiness p.66
1 Properties of numbers Standards practice p.71
2 The distributive property Check skills you'll need p.73
Numerical expressions p.73
Standards practice p.76
3 Simplifying algebraic expressions Standards practice p.80
Check your understanding p.80
Checkpoint quiz 1 p.81
4 Variables and equations Standards practice p.84
Check your understanding p.84
Activity lab: using models with equations p.86
5 Solving equations by adding or subtracting Standards practice p.91
Check your understanding p.91
GPS: Understanding Word Problems p.93
6 Solving equations by multiplying or dividing Check your understanding p.96
Standards practice p.96
7 Reasoning strategy: try,test, revise Understand p.98
Plan p.99
Standards practice p.100
Mathematical reasoning: equation puzzles p.101
8 Inequalities and their graphs Standards practice p.104
Check your understanding p.104
9 Solving one step inequalities by adding or subtracting Standards practice p.108
Check your understanding p.108
Checkpoint quiz 2 p.109
10 Solving one step inequalities by multiplying and dividing Solving Inequalities Using Division p.110
Standards practice p.113
Exercises p.115
Skills and concepts p.117
Chapter 2 Test p.120
Standards mastery: Cumulative practice p.121
Chapter 2 Extra Practice p.658

Chapter 3

Decimals And Equations

Check your readiness p.124
1 Rounding and estimating Writing and comparing decimals: exercises p.126
Rounding decimals p.127
Choose a method p.129
Check your understanding p.130
Standards practice p.130
2 Estimating decimal products and quotients Standards practice p.134
Check your understanding p.134
Reading a table: exercises p.136
3 Using formulas Standards practice p.139
Check your understanding p.139
Checkpoint quiz 1 p.140
Guided problem solving: exercises p.141
4 Solving equations by adding or subtracting decimals Standards practice p.144
Check your understanding p.144
5 Solving equations by multiplying or diving decimals Check your understanding p.148
Standards practice p.148
6 Using the metric system Check your understanding p.153
Standards practice p.153
Checkpoint quiz 2 p.155
Precision and Significant Digits: Exercises p.157
7 Reasoning strategy: act it out Understand p.158
Standards practice p.160
Evaluating Reasonableness: Exercise p.161
Skills and concepts p.163
Chapter 3 Test p.166
Standards mastery: Cumulative practice p.167
Chapter 3 Extra Practice p.660

Chapter 4

Factors Fractions And Exponents

Check your readiness p.170
1 Divisibilty and factors Standards practice p.174
Check your understanding p.174
Using concept maps to connect ideas: exercises p.176
Patterns and exponents p.177
2 Exponents Check your understanding p.180
Standards practice p.180
3 Prime factorization and greatest common divisor Standards investigation: exploring prime numbers p.182
Choose a method p.184
Standards practice p.185
Check your understanding p.185
Venn diagrams: exercises p.187
4 Simplifying fractions Standards practice p.190
Check your understanding p.190
Checkpoint quiz 1 p.191
Understanding word problems: exercises p.192
5 Reasoning strategy: solve a simpler problem Understand p.193
Standards practice p.195
6 Rational numbers Standards practice p.199
Check your understanding p.199
7 Exponents and multiplication Standards practice p.203
Check your understanding p.203
Goldbach's Conjecture p.204
8 Exponents and division Standards practice p.208
Check your understanding p.208
Checkpoint quiz 2 p.209
9 Scientific notation Standards investigation: exploring prime numbers p.210
Standards practice p.214
Check your understanding p.214
Skills and concepts p.217
Chapter 4 Test p.220
Standards mastery: Cumulative practice p.221
Chapter 4 Extra Practice p.662

Chapter 5

Operations With Fractions

Check your readiness p.224
1 Comparing and ordering rational numbers Standards practice p.229
Check your understanding p.229
2 Fractions and decimals Check your understanding p.234
Standards practice p.234
Estimating with fractions and mixed numbers: exercises p.236
3 Adding and subtracting fractions Choose a method p.239
Check your understanding p.240
Standards practice p.240
Checkpoint quiz 1 p.241
4 Multiplying and dividing fractions Standards investigation: modeling multiplication of fractions p.242
Check your understanding p.245
Standards practice p.245
5 Using customary units of measurement Check your understanding p.249
Standards practice p.249
Using dimensional analysis: exercise p.251
Greatest possible error: exercises p.252
6 Reasoning strategy: work backward Understand p.253
Standards practice p.255
Guided Problem Solving: Exercise p.257
7 Solving equations by adding or subtracting fractions Standards practice p.260
Check your understanding p.260
8 Solving equations by multiplying fractions Check your understanding p.264
Standards practice p.264
Checkpoint quiz 2 p.266
Choosing fractions or decimals to solve a problem: exercises p.267
Operations with rational numbers: exercises p.269
9 Powers of products and quotients Check your understanding p.272
Standards practice p.272
Skills and concepts p.275
Chapter 5 Test p.278
Standards mastery: Cumulative practice p.279
Chapter 5 Extra Practice p.664

Chapter 6

Ratios And Unit Rates

Check your readiness p.282
1 Ratios and unit rates Check your understanding p.286
Standards practice p.286
Estimating to convert between measurement systems: Exercises p.289
2 Proportions Check your understanding p.292
Standards practice p.292
3 Similar figures and scale drawings Standards practice p.297
Check your understanding p.297
Checkpoint quiz 1 p.299
Dilations: exercises p.300
4 Fractions, Decimals, and Percents Standards practice p.303
Check your understanding p.303
5 Proportions and percents Standards practice p.309
Check your understanding p.309
6 Percents and equations Standards practice p.313
Check your understanding p.313
Estimating with percents: exercises p.315
7 Percent of change Check your understanding p.318
Standards practice p.318
8 Markup and discount Choose a method p.321
Check your understanding p.322
Standards practice p.322
Checkpoint quiz 2 p.323
Guided Problem Solving: Exercises p.324
9 Applications of rational numbers Check your understanding p.328
Standards practice p.328
10 Reasoning strategy: make a table Plan p.330
Understand p.330
Check p.331
Standards practice p.332
Multi-step rate problems: exercise p.333
Skills and concepts p.335
Chapter 6 Test p.338
Standards mastery: Cumulative practice p.339
Chapter 6 Extra Practice p.666

Chapter 7

Solving Equations And Inequalities

1 Solving two-step equations Standard Practice p.346
2 Solving multi-step equations Standard Practice p.351
3 Two-step equations with fractions and decimals Standard Practice p.356
4 Reasoning strategy: write an equation Standard Practice p.360
CHeckpoint Quiz 1 p.361
5 Solving two-step inequalities Standard Practice p.365
6 Transforming formulas Standard Practice p.369
CHeckpoint Quiz 2 p.370
7 Simple and compound interest Standard Practice p.374
Chapter 7 Review p.377
Chapter 7 Test p.380
Chapter 7 Extra Practice p.668

Chapter 8

Linear Functions And Graphing

1 Relations and functions Standard Practice p.391
2 Equations with two variables Standard Practice p.396
3 Slope and y-intercept Standard Practice p.402
Standard Practice p.403
CHeckpoint Quiz 1 p.404
4 Direct variation Standard Practice p.407
5 Reasoning strategy: use multiple strategies Standard Practice p.412
6 Solving systems of linear equations Standard Practice p.417
CHeckpoint Quiz 2 p.419
7 Graphing linear inequalities Standard Practice p.423
Chapter 8 Review p.427
Chapter 8 Test p.430
Chapter 8 Extra Practice p.670

Chapter 9

Spatial Thinking

4 Reasoning strategy: draw a diagram Standard Practice p.157
1 Introduction to geometry: points, lines, and planes Standard Practice p.439
2 Angle relationships and parallel lines Standard Practice p.446
3 Classifying polygons Standard Practice p.451
5 Congruence Standard Practice p.460
CHeckpoint Quiz 1 p.462
6 Circles Standard Practice p.467
7 Constructions Standard Practice p.473
8 Translations Standard Practice p.478
CHeckpoint Quiz 2 p.480
9 Symmetry and reflections Standard Practice p.484
Chapter 9 Review p.491
Chapter test p.494
Chapter 9 Extra Practice p.672

Chapter 10

Area And Volume

1 Area: parallelograms Standard Practice p.502
2 Area: triangles and trapezoids Standard Practice p.510
3 Area: circles Standard Practice p.515
4 Space figures Standard Practice p.521
5 Surface area: prisms and cylinders Standard Practice p.530
6 Surface area: pyramids, cones, and spheres Standard Practice p.537
7 Volume: prIsms and cylinders Standard Practice p.541
8 Reasoning strategy: make a model Standard Practice p.546
CHeckpoint Quiz 2 p.547
9 Volume: pyramids, cones, and spheres Standard Practice p.550
10 Scale factors and solids Standard Practice p.554
Chapter 10 Review p.557
Chapter 10 test p.560
Chapter 10 Extra Practice p.674

Chapter 11

Irrational Numbers And Nonlinear Functions

1 Square roots and irrational numbers Standard Practice p.568
2 The Pythagorean theorem standard Practice p.573
Checkpoint Quiz 1 p.575
3 Distance and midpoint formulas Standard Practice p.582
4 Reasoning strategy: write a proportIon standard Practice p.588
5 Graphing nonlinear functions standard Practice p.594
checkpoint Quiz 2 p.595
Chapter 11 review p.597
chapter 11 test p.600
Chapter 11 Extra Practice p.676

Chapter 12

Data Analysis

1 Mean, median, and mode standard Practice p.609
2 Frequency tables, line plots, and histograms standard Practice p.614
Checkpoint Quiz 1 p.615
3 Box-and-whisker plots standard Practice p.620
4 Stem-and-leaf plots standard Practice p.625
5 Scatter plots standard Practice p.631
6 Reasoning strategy: solve by graphing standard Practice p.637
checkpoint Quiz 2 p.638
Chapter 12 review p.641
chapter 12 test p.644
Chapter 12 Extra Practice p.678

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