Mathematics III Common Core, Volume I

Mathematics III Common Core, Volume I textbook answersISBN: 9780133234770
Author: Pearson
Published: 2014

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Chapter 1

Drawing Conclusions From Data

1-1 Analyzing Data Practice p.4
Apply p.10
1-2 Standard Deviation Practice p.16
Apply p.20
1-3 Samples and Surveys Practice p.23
Apply p.27
1-4 Normal Distributions Practice p.36
Apply p.39
Chapter Review p.50

Chapter 2

Linear Equations, Inequalities, And Functions

Get Ready! p.53
2-1 Solving Equations Practice p.56
Apply p.61
2-2 Solving Inequalities Practice p.64
Apply p.71
2-3 Linear Functions and Slope-Intercept Form Practice p.75
Apply p.79
2-4 Families of Functions Practice p.82
Apply p.89
Apply p.89
2-5 Absolute Value Functions and Graphs Practice p.92
Apply p.97
2-6 Two-Variable Inequalities Practice p.103
Apply p.108
2-7 Solving Systems of Equations Practice p.111
Apply p.117
2-8 Systems of Inequalities Practice p.120
Apply p.124
2-9 Systems with Three Variables Practice p.127
Apply p.133
2-10 Solving Systems Using Matrices Practice p.136
Apply p.141
Chapter Review p.143

Chapter 3

Quadratic Functions And Equations

Get Ready! p.149
3-1 Quadratic Functions and Transformations Practice p.152
Apply p.158
3-2 Standard Form of a Quadratic Functions Practice p.161
Apply p.165
3-3 Factoring Quadratic Expressions Practice p.170
Apply p.176
3-4 Quadratic Equations Practice p.179
Apply p.183
3-5 Completing the Square Practice p.186
Apply p.191
3-6 The Quadratic Formula Practice p.194
Apply p.200
3-7 Quadratic Systems Practice p.204
Apply p.210
3-8 A New Look at Parabolas Practice p.214
Apply p.220
3-9 Circles in the Coordinate Plane Practice p.223
Practice p.223
Apply p.229
Chapter Review p.231

Chapter 4

Polynomials And Polynomial Functions

Get Ready! p.237
4-1 Polynomial Functions Practice p.241
Apply p.246
4-2 Adding, Subtracting, and Multiplying Polynomials Practice p.251
Apply p.254
4-3 Polynomials, Linear Factors, and Zeros Practice p.257
Apply p.263
4-4 Solving Polynomial Equations Practice p.266
Apply p.272
4-5 Dividing Polynomials Practice p.274
Apply p.280
4-6 Theorems about Roots of Polynomial Equations Practice p.283
Apply p.288
4-7 The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra Practice p.296
Apply p.299
4-8 The Binomial Theorem Practice p.304
Apply p.307
4-9 Polynomial Models in the Real World Practice p.314
Apply p.319
4-10 Transforming Polynomial Functions Practice p.323
Apply p.328
Chapter Review p.330

Chapter 5

Rational Expressions And Functions

Get Ready! p.337
5-1 Simplifying Rational Expressions Practice p.340
Apply p.345
5-2 Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions Practice p.348
Apply p.354
5-3 Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions Practice p.356
Apply p.361
5-4 Inverse Variation Practice p.364
Apply p.370
5-5 The Reciprocal Function Family Practice p.377
Apply p.383
5-6 Rational Functions and Their Graphs Practice p.387
Apply p.395
5-7 Solving Rational Equations Practice p.402
Apply p.407
Chapter Review p.418

Chapter 6

Radical Expressions And Functions

Get Ready! p.423
6-1 Roots and Radical Expressions Practice p.426
Apply p.430
6-2 Multiplying and Dividing Radical Expressions Practice p.433
Apply p.438
6-3 Binomial Radical Expressions Practice p.441
Apply p.448
6-4 Rational Exponents Practice p.451
Apply p.457
6-5 Solving Square Root and Other Radical Equations Practice p.460
Apply p.465
6-6 Function Operations Practice p.468
Apply p.475
6-7 Inverse Relations and Functions Practice p.478
Apply p.486
6-8 Graphing Radical Functions Practice p.489
Apply p.496
Chapter Review p.498

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