Algebra 1

Algebra 1 textbook answersISBN: 9780131339965
Author: Prentice Hall
Published: 2007

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Chapter 1

Variables, Function Patterns, And Graphs

Check Your Readiness p.2
1-1 Using Variables Exercises p.6
1-2 Exponents and Order of Operations Exercises p.12
1-3 Exploring Real Numbers Exercises p.20
Checkpoint Quiz p.23
1-4 Patterns and Functions Exercises p.29
1-5 Scatter Plots Exercises p.35
Checkpoint Quiz p.37
1-6 Mean, Median, Mode, and Range Exercises p.43
Chapter Review p.47
Chapter Test p.50
Standardized Test Prep p.51

Chapter 2

Rational Numbers

Check Your Readiness p.54
2-1 Adding Rational Numbers Exercises p.59
2-2 Subtracting Rational Numbers Exercises p.66
2-3 Multiplying and Dividing Rational Numbers Exercises p.73
2-4 The Distributive Property Exercises p.82
Checkpoint Quiz p.85
2-5 Properties of Numbers Exercises p.88
2-6 Theoretical and Experimental Probability Exercises p.96
Checkpoint Quiz p.99
2-7 Probability of Compound Events Exercises p.104
Chapter Review p.109
Chapter Test p.112
Standardized Test Prep p.113

Chapter 3

Solving Equations

Exercises p.116
3-1 Solving Two-Step Equations Exercises p.122
3-2 Solving Multi-Step Equations Exercises p.129
3-3 Equations with Variables on Both Sides Exercises p.136
3-4 Ratio and Proportion Exercises p.145
3-5 Proportions and Similar Figures Exercises p.152
Checkpoint Quiz p.155
3-6 Equations and Problem Solving Exercises p.162
3-7 Percent of Change Exercises p.171
3-8 Finding and Estimating Square Roots Exercises p.178
Checkpoint Quiz p.180
3-9 The Pythagorean Theorem Exercises p.184
Chapter Review p.191
Chapter Test p.194
Standardized Test Prep p.195

Chapter 4

Solving Inequalities

Check Your Readiness p.198
4-1 Inequalities and Their Graphs Exercises p.202
4-2 Solving Inequalities Using Addition and Subtraction Exercises p.208
4-3 Solving Inequalities Using Multiplication and Division Exercises p.215
Checkpoint Quiz p.217
4-4 Solving Multi-Step Inequalities Exercises p.222
4-5 Compound Inequalities Exercises p.229
Checkpoint Quiz p.232
4-6 Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities Exercises p.237
Chapter Review p.243
Chapter Test p.246
Standardized Test Prep p.247

Chapter 5

Graphs And Functions

Check Your Readiness p.250
5-1 Relating Graphs to Events Exercises p.254
5-2 Relations and Functions Exercises p.259
Checkpoint Quiz p.262
5-3 Function Rules, Tables, and Graphs Exercises p.266
5-4 Writing a Function Rule Exercises p.272
5-5 Direct Variation Exercises p.280
Checkpoint Quiz p.283
5-6 Inverse Variation Exercises p.288
5-7 Describing Number Patterns Exercises p.294
Chapter Review p.299
Chapter Test p.302
Standardized Test Prep p.303

Chapter 6

Linear Equations And Their Graphs

Check Your Readiness p.306
6-1 Rate of Change and Slope Exercises p.312
6-2 Slope-Intercept Form Exercises p.320
6-3 Applying Linear Functions Exercises p.325
6-4 Standard Form Exercises p.333
Checkpoint Quiz p.335
6-5 Point-Slope Form and Writing Linear Equations Exercises p.339
6-6 Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Exercises p.346
6-7 Scatter Plots and Equations of Lines Exercises p.352
Checkpoint Quiz p.356
6-8 Graphing Absolute Value Equations Exercises p.361
Chapter Review p.365
Chapter Test p.368
Standardized Test Prep p.369

Chapter 7

Systems Of Equations And Inequalities

Check Your Readiness p.372
7-1 Solving Systems by Graphing Exercises p.377
7-2 Solving Systems Using Subtraction Exercises p.384
Checkpoint Quiz p.386
7-3 Solving Systems Using Elimination Exercises p.390
7-4 Applications of Linear Systems Exercises p.399
7-5 Linear Inequalities Exercises p.407
Checkpoint Quiz p.410
7-6 Systems of Linear Inequalities Exercises p.414
Chapter Review p.421
Chapter Test p.424
Standardized Test Prep p.425

Chapter 8

Exponents And Exponential Functions

Check Your Readiness p.428
8-1 Zero and Negative Exponents Exercises p.433
8-2 Scientific Notation Exercises p.438
8-3 Multiplication Properties of Exponents Exercises p.443
8-4 More Multiplication Properties of Exponents Exercises p.449
Checkpoint Quiz p.452
8-5 Division Properties of Exponents Exercises p.456
8-6 Geometric Sequences Exercises p.463
8-7 Exponential Functions Exercises p.470
Checkpoint Quiz p.473
8-8 Exponential Growth and Decay Exercises p.479
Chapter Review p.485
Chapter Test p.488
Standardized Test Prep p.489

Chapter 9

Polynomials And Factoring

Check Your Readiness p.492
9-1 Adding and Subtracting Polynomials Exercises p.497
9-2 Multiplying and Factoring Exercises p.501
9-3 Multiplying Binomials Exercises p.507
Checkpoint Quiz p.510
9-4 Multiplying Special Cases Exercises p.515
9-5 Factoring Trinomials of the Type x^2 + bx + c Exercises p.521
9-6 Factoring Trinomials of the Type ax^2 + bx + c Exercises p.525
9-7 Factoring Special Cases Exercises p.531
Checkpoint Quiz p.533
9-8 Factoring by Grouping Exercises p.537
Chapter Review p.541
Chapter Test p.544
Standardized Test Prep p.545
Checkpoint Quiz p.570

Chapter 10

Quadratic Equations And Functions

Check Your Readiness p.548
10-1 Exploring Quadratic Graphs Exercises p.553
10-2 Quadratic Functions Exercises p.560
10-3 Solving Quadratic Equations Exercises p.567
10-4 Factoring to Solve Quadratic Equations Exercises p.574
10-5 Completing the Square Exercises p.582
10-6 Using the Quadratic Formula Exercises p.588
10-7 Using the Discriminant Exercises p.594
Checkpoint Quiz p.596
10-8 Choosing a Linear, Quadratic, or Exponential Model Exercises p.601
Chapter Review p.607
Chapter Test p.610
Standardized Test Prep p.611

Chapter 11

Radical Expressions And Equations

Check Your Readiness p.614
11-1 Simplifying Radicals Exercises p.619
11-2 Operations with Radical Expressions Exercises p.625
11-3 Solving Radical Equations Exercises p.632
11-4 Graphing Square Root Functions Exercises p.640
Checkpoint Quiz p.643
11-5 Trigonometric Ratios Exercises p.648
11-6 Angles of Elevation and Depression Exercises p.652
Checkpoint Quiz p.653
Chapter Review p.655
Chapter Test p.658
Standardized Test Prep p.659

Chapter 12

Rational Expressions And Functions

12-1 Graphing Rational Functions Check Your Readiness p.662
Exercises p.668
12-2 Simplifying Rational Expressions Exercises p.674
Checkpoint Quiz p.676
12-3 Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions Exercises p.679
12-4 Dividing Polynomials Exercises p.684
12-5 Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions Exercises p.689
12-6 Solving Rational Equations Exercises p.695
12-7 Counting Methods and Permutations Exercises p.702
Checkpoint Quiz p.705
12-8 Combinations Exercises p.709
Chapter Review p.715
Chapter Test p.718
Standardized Test Prep (Cumulative Review) p.719

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