Algebra 1

Algebra 1 textbook answersISBN: 9780078738227
Author: Glencoe McGraw-Hill
Published: 2008

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Chapter 1

The Language And Tools Of Algebra

1.1 Variables and Expressions Exercises p.8
1.2 Order of Operations Exercises p.12
1.3 Open Sentences Exercises p.18
1.4 Identity and Equality Properties Exercises p.23
1.5 The Distributive Property Exercises p.29
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.32
1.6 Commutative and Associative Properties Exercises p.35
1.7 Logical Reasoning and Counterexamples Exercises p.42
Extend 1-7: Logic and Properties of Numbers p.45
1.8 Number Systems Exercises p.50
1.9 Functions and Graphs Exercises p.56
Extend 1-9: Investigating Real-World Functions p.59
Study Guide and Review p.60
Practice Test p.65

Chapter 2

Solving Linear Equations

Get Ready for Chapter 2 p.69
2.1 Writing Equations Exercises p.73
2.2 Solving Equations by Using Addition and Subtraction Exercises p.81
2.3 Solving Equations Using Multiplication and Division Exercises p.88
2.4 Solving Multi-Step Equations Exercises p.95
2.5 Solving Equations with the Variable on Each Side Exercises p.101
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.104
2.6 Ratios and Proportions Exercises p.108
2.7 Percent of Change Exercises p.113
2.8 Solving for a Specific Variable Exercises p.119
2.9 Weighted Averages Exercises p.125
Extend 2-9: Finding a Weighted Average p.129
Study Guide and Review p.130
Practice Test p.135

Chapter 3

Functions And Patterns

Get Ready for Chapter 3 p.141
3.1 Representing Relations Exercises p.146
3.2 Representing Functions Exercises p.152
3.3 Linear Functions Exercises p.158
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.164
3.4 Arithmetic Sequences Exercises p.168
3.5 Proportional and Nonproportional Relationships Exercises p.174
Study Guide and Review p.177
Practice Test p.181

Chapter 4

Analyzing Linear Equations

Get Ready for Chapter 4 p.185
4.1 Rate of Change and Slope Exercises p.192
4.2 Slope and Direct Variation Exercises p.200
4.3 Graphing Equations in Slope-Intercept Form Exercises p.207
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.212
4.4 Writing Equations in Slope-Intercept Form Exercises p.216
4.5 Writing Equations in Point-Slope Form Exercises p.223
4.6 Scatter Plots and Lines of Fit Exercises p.230
4.7 Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Exercises p.239
Study Guide and Review p.242
Practice Test p.247

Chapter 5

Solving Systems Of Linear Equations

Get Ready for Chapter 5 p.251
5.1 Graphing Systems of Equations Exercises p.255
Extend 5-1: Systems of Equations p.259
5.2 Substitution Exercises p.263
5.3 Elimination Using Addition and Subtraction Exercises p.268
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.271
5.4 Elimination Using Multiplication Exercises p.275
5.5 Applying Systems of Linear Equations Exercises p.283
Study Guide and Review p.285
Practice Test p.289

Chapter 6

Solving Linear Inequalities

Get Ready for Chapter 6 p.293
6.1 Solving Inequalities by Addition and Subtraction Exercises p.297
6.2 Solving Inequalities by Multiplication and Division Exercises p.305
6.3 Solving Multi-Step Inequalities Exercises p.311
6.4 Solving Compound Inequalities Exercises p.317
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.321
6.5 Solving Open Sentences Involving Absolute Value Exercises p.325
6.6 Solving Inequalities Involving Absolute Value Exercises p.331
6.7 Graphing Inequalities in Two Variables Exercises p.337
6.8 Graphing Systems of Inequalities Exercises p.343
Study Guide and Review p.346
Practice Test p.351

Chapter 7


Get Ready for Chapter 7 p.357
7.1 Multiplying Monomials Exercises p.361
7.2 Dividing Monomials Exercises p.370
7.3 Polynomials Exercises p.378
7.4 Adding and Subtracting Polynomials Exercises p.386
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.389
7.5 Multiplying a Polynomial by a Monomial Exercises p.392
7.6 Multiplying Polynomials Exercises p.401
7.7 Special Products Exercises p.407
Study Guide and Review p.410
Practice Test p.415

Chapter 8


Get Ready for Chapter 8 p.419
8.1 Monomials and Factoring Exercises p.422
8.2 Factoring Using the Distributive Property Exercises p.429
8.3 Factoring Trinomials: x^2+bx+c Exercises p.437
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.440
8.4 Factoring Trinomials: ax^2+bx+c Exercises p.444
8.5 Factoring Differences of Squares Exercises p.450
8.6 Perfect Squares and Factoring Exercises p.458
Study Guide and Review p.461
Practice Test p.465

Chapter 9

Quadratic And Exponential Functions

Get Ready for Chapter 9 p.469
9.1 Graphing Quadratic Functions Exercises p.475
9.2 Solving Quadratic Equations by Graphing Exercises p.483
9.3 Solving Quadratic Equations by Completing the Square Exercises p.489
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.492
9.4 Solving Quadratic Equations by Using the Quadratic Formula Exercises p.497
Extend 9-4: Applying Quadratic Equations p.501
9.5 Exponential Functions Exercises p.505
9.6 Growth and Decay Exercises p.512
Study Guide and Review p.517
Practice Test p.521

Chapter 10

Radical Expressions And Triangles

10.1 Simplifying Radical Expressions Exercises p.531
10.2 Operations with Radical Expressions Exercises p.538
10.3 Radical Equations Exercises p.543
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.548
10.4 The Pythagorean Theorem Exercises p.551
10.5 The Distance Formula Exercises p.557
10.6 Similar Triangles Exercises p.563
Study Guide and Review p.567
Practice Test p.571

Chapter 11

Rational Expressions And Equations

11.1 Inverse Variation Exercises p.580
11.2 Rational Expressions Exercises p.586
11.3 Multiply Rational Expressions Exercises p.592
11.4 Dividing Rational Expressions Exercises p.597
11.5 Dividing Polynomials Exercises p.604
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.607
11.6 Rational Expressions with Like Denominators Exercises p.611
11.7 Rational Expressions with Unlike Denominators Exercises p.617
11.8 Mixed Expressions and Complex Fractions Exercises p.623
11.9 Rational Equations and Functions Exercises p.630
Study Guide and Review p.633
Practice Test p.637

Chapter 12

Statistics And Probability

12.1 Sampling and Bias Exercises p.645
12.2 Counting Outcomes Exercises p.653
12.3 Permutations and Combinations Exercises p.658
12.4 Probability of Compound Events Exercises p.667
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.671
12.5 Probability Distributions Exercises p.674
12.6 Probability Simulations Exercises p.680
Study Guide and Review p.684
Practice Test p.689

Chapter SH-A

Prerequisite Skills

PS1 p.695
PS2 p.697
PS3 p.699
PS4 p.701
PS5 p.703
PS6 p.705
PS7 p.707
PS8 p.708
PS9 p.710
PS10 p.712
PS11 p.713
PS12 p.715
PS13 p.716

Chapter SH-B

Extra Practice

Lesson 1-3 p.717
Lesson 1-2 p.717
Lesson 1-1 p.717
Lesson 1-4 p.718
Lesson 1-5 p.718
Lesson 1-6 p.718
Lesson 1-9 p.719
Lesson 1-8 p.719
Lesson 1-7 p.719
Lesson 2-3 p.720
Lesson 2-1 p.720
Lesson 2-2 p.720
Lesson 2-4 p.721
Lesson 2-5 p.721
Lesson 2-6 p.721
Lesson 2-9 p.722
Lesson 2-8 p.722
Lesson 2-7 p.722
Lesson 3-3 p.723
Lesson 3-2 p.723
Lesson 3-1 p.723
Lesson 3-5 p.724
Lesson 3-4 p.724
Lesson 4-1 p.724
Lesson 4-4 p.725
Lesson 4-2 p.725
Lesson 4-3 p.725
Lesson 4-6 p.726
Lesson 4-5 p.726
Lesson 4-7 p.726
Lesson 5-3 p.727
Lesson 5-2 p.727
Lesson 5-1 p.727
Lesson 6-1 p.728
Lesson 5-4 p.728
Lesson 6-4 p.729
Lesson 6-3 p.729
Lesson 6-2 p.729
Lesson 6-6 p.730
Lesson 6-7 p.730
Lesson 6-8 p.730
Lesson 6-5 p.730
Lesson 7-1 p.730
Lesson 7-3 p.731
Lesson 7-4 p.731
Lesson 7-2 p.731
Lesson 7-6 p.732
Lesson 7-5 p.732
Lesson 7-7 p.732
Lesson 8-1 p.733
Lesson 8-2 p.733
Lesson 8-3 p.733
Lesson 8-4 p.734
Lesson 8-6 p.734
Lesson 8-5 p.734
Lesson 9-3 p.735
Lesson 9-1 p.735
Lesson 9-2 p.735
Lesson 9-5 p.736
Lesson 9-6 p.736
Lesson 9-4 p.736
Lesson 10-2 p.737
Lesson 10-3 p.737
Lesson 10-1 p.737
Lesson 10-6 p.738
Lesson 10-5 p.738
Lesson 10-4 p.738
Lesson 11-3 p.739
Lesson 11-2 p.739
Lesson 11-1 p.739
Lesson 11-4 p.740
Lesson 11-5 p.740
Lesson 11-6 p.740
Lesson 11-7 p.741
Lesson 11-9 p.741
Lesson 11-8 p.741
Lesson 12-1 p.742
Lesson 12-3 p.742
Lesson 12-2 p.742
Lesson 12-6 p.743
Lesson 12-5 p.743
Lesson 12-4 p.743

Chapter SH-C

Mixed Problem Solving

Ch 1 – The Language and Tools of Algebra p.744
Ch 2 – Solving Linear Equations p.745
Ch 3 – Functions and Patterns p.746
Ch 4 – Analyzing Linear Equations p.747
Ch 5 – Solving Systems of Linear Equations p.748
Ch 6 – Solving Linear Inequalities p.749
Ch 7 – Polynomials p.750
Ch 8 – Factoring p.751
Ch 9 – Quadratic and Exponential Functions p.752
Ch 10 – Radical Expressions and Triangles p.753
Ch 11 – Rational Expressions and Equations p.754
Ch 12 – Statistics and Probability p.755

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